Donna likes to control the environment, as her fiance finds out when she takes over his life and tries to control the wedding. She assertively confronts the Doctor about him kidnapping her on her wedding day, and informs him that he will fix this. Unlike his previous companions, Donna has no interest in a romantic entanglement with him, and leaps to that conclusion when he asks her to travel with him. She puts her foot down, reminding him she won’t have any hanky-panky in the TARDIS; the thought never even crosses her mind, because he is a different species from her. Donna goes to great lengths to find the Doctor, and has a plan all ready to accompany him on his adventures about the galaxy. She is firm in her decisions and has no problem laying down the ground rules for their friendship. Her tendency to bossiness throws people off, but she gets things done. Her different logical parameters (deal with what is right in front of them, and the things of value) balance out the Doctor, and help him focus. Donna is far more capable, organized, and intelligent than she gives herself credit for, but she has problems controlling her inferior Fi. For months, Donna endures her mother’s constant complaining and abuse without ever saying a word or showing her feelings. She reveals her compassionate heart through her actions and her absolute moral values; she and the Doctor often differ when it comes to relating to people, supporting their individuality, and saving them. Donna doesn’t wear her heart on her sleeve, but she doesn’t compromise on her beliefs, either, and in doing so, she often convinces the Doctor to change his mind and take the moral high ground. She remembers her earlier encounter with the Doctor, and sets out to recreate their meeting by tracking him down and initiating contact. She understands the sorts of things that draw him and patiently tracks them until their paths cross, with the desire to recapture how he made her feel on their adventure together. Donna is much more present in the moment and aware of details than the Doctor. Her past experiences heavily influence her decisions in the present. Until she sets out on her adventure, Donna slips into a routine at home and rarely deviates from it. In her travels, she loves to engage in local activities and participate in traditions, to help her get a feel for the culture and its people. Her yearning for adventure causes her to embark on adventures with him, and consider possibilities that escape him (like the need to save at least one family in Pompeii, to carry on the story of what happened). Donna often has insights into the Doctor’s true nature and character he is oblivious to until she points them out. She is not above theorizing with him and experiencing the unknown.

Enneagram: 8w7 so/sp

Donna is aggressive and opinionated. In her first episode, she is furious about the Doctor’s actions and bullies him into figuring out what is going on and taking her back to her wedding. She easily cows his 7ish desire to just have a good time, and is capable of laying out strong boundaries in their relationship. On their adventures, she is tough-talking, somewhat hedonistic, and forceful… but also feels an instinctive need to step in and defend anyone weaker than herself. She tells the Doctor off for his more careless or non-compassionate behaviors, telling him he needs a companion to travel with him to STOP him sometimes. On occasion, such as with the Ood, Donna shows her more sensitive, vulnerable, emotional and compassionate side. Her 7 wing wants to have fun and enjoys new experiences. Donna can be playful, hilarious (with an off-beat sense of humor) and charismatic.