Functional Order: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

Amy loves traveling with the Doctor, because it opens her up to a wide range of new experiences; she gets bored with an “ordinary life” (living out Rory’s dream of the “perfect life”) and tries on at least four different professions. Modeling and being a Kissagram require her physical involvement in the environment. Amy is quick to take charge and see possibilities in the environment; she sizes up people and circumstances without much hesitation, and makes swift decisions (grabbing a gun and shooting a threat to the Doctor, driving her car into the side of a house, inviting Eleven into bed, etc). She loves throwing herself into new environments, and adapts very quickly Amy’s recklessness may get her into trouble, or saves the day. She has occasional strong inferior Ni hunches. She immediately figures out that River Song is the Doctor’s future wife. She tries to influence the future by inspiring Van Gough in the hope of saving him. Amy understands the true reason for the star whale allowing himself to be captured, by drawing a parallel to the Doctor. In later seasons, her negative futuristic preoccupation with a single problem (Rory’s love of children, her inability to have them) causes her marriage troubles. She follows her “gut instincts,” which are usually right about people, and doesn’t stand for any nonsense. Amy focuses primarily on the people she loves most, but she doesn’t go out of her way to be verbally affectionate; she chooses to awkwardly tease instead, and is annoyed if people can’t “read” her meaning (“I’m talking about you, idiot!”). She is very emotional, and very kind, but doesn’t reveal her true feelings unless under intense stress and/or accusations that she is cold (her explanation for divorcing Rory, and how painful it was for her). She has a strong sense of independence, and doesn’t like to be controlled. If nothing is getting done, Amy becomes bossy. She tends to give direct orders, though sometimes she softens them with her sense of humor. If confronted with a situation that feels complicated, she reaches for the automatic, logical, factual conclusion and acts on it (pushing buttons, grabbing a sword, etc). If pressed to explain her motivations, she gives a rational argument – Rory wants kids, I can’t have them, so I’ll divorce him so he’ll find someone who can have kids. On the things she cares about most, she is unwavering in her decisions.

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/so

Amy shows a lot of average 7 traits early on in the series – being unable to keep a job, moving around in her careers as soon as she loses interest in one thing (modeling, writing books, being a kissagram). She loves the Doctor because he fills her deep need to always find more, explore new places, see new things, meet new people. As she matures, Amy starts to move into feeling more settled and comfortable with a “normal life.” She doesn’t mind spending more time at home, doing average things. She enjoys her friends and starts to see the value in Rory as her stabilizing force. (She moves into 5-ish awareness of what matters and becomes more self-reflective.) She exhibits unhealthy disintegrated 1 traits whenever she’s been left on her own too long, waiting for the Doctor to show up – super critical of his behavior, bitter about abandonment, and rigidly moralistic. Her 8 wing is what makes her aggressive under threat, somewhat bossy and domineering (“I have my boys!”), and also distances herself from the intensity of her emotions. She only breaks down on rare occasion, and is so good at being outwardly “strong” Rory mistakenly thinks “I love Amy more than Amy loves me.”