Nancy has a quick mind and operates off her assumptions a great deal of the time—for right or wrong, she leaps to swift conclusions and treats them as if they are factual. She chases after cars, certain they will lead her to the truth, she sneaks into barns to find evidence, she almost instantly knows if her father is attempting to mislead her, and she doggedly holds to her theory of who did it, even when the police question her. She can also be reckless and sensory-unaware – she is always crashing her car into things, knocking into people’s bumpers, and forgetting to keep her hands on the wheel and almost going off the road. She gets so excited about gathering evidence, she forgets to be careful, leading her and Ted into perilous situations and narrow escapes. When given the task of christening his boat, she does so—and fails to notice she knocked a hole in the hull, so it sinks. She tends to over-estimate her own ability to cook and almost ruins the dinner, because she cannot keep track of a dozen things all at once. She can often explain her reasoning quite simply (the flower is not indigenous to this region, which means it was planted here, so it must have fallen out of the murderer’s pocket, because this plant is two weeks old, and that’s when the man went missing; ergo, the murderer is a gardener with an interest in exotic plants!), but she is forever looking for leverage in a situation, a way to get around the rules, and operating off the assumption they do not apply to her. Nancy can be blunt and oblivious to people’s feelings – she gives Ted a watch as a bribe, which makes him feel good, then tells him how much it cost her (it was cheap). She can be somewhat irresponsible with money; keeping track of the details of the crime, but expecting him to ‘cover her’ when she’s short. Nancy can be manipulative in her attempts to get Ted to do what she wants (finding ways to leverage the situation in her favor and almost getting him fired in the process); she blackmails him, pretends to cry to engage his sympathy, imposes on his time and convinces him to tag along on her adventures.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Nancy suffers from an excess of over-confidence. She automatically assumes she can do anything, has the intelligence to do it, and that she can rise to any occasion. In one episode, she marches into a press office and demands the best story, with the full intent of winning a competition. She prides herself on being a good detective, but also in being a spokeswoman for her classmates. Nancy isn’t above lying to get what she wants or solve a crime and can be quite creative when getting herself out of a jam, showing adaptability and a tendency to deny her own flaws (everything is Ted’s fault). Her 2 fix likes to help people and is eager to leap into action on their behalf, but can also be manipulative. Nancy shamelessly uses Ted at times to get what she wants, by appealing to him on an emotional level and guilt-tripping him. Her father tries to keep him out of his cases, because she is so eager to “help” that she can be invasive and put herself at risk.