Functional Order: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

Ted is a highly adventurous and hands-on young man, who often has to jerk them back into the right lane while Nancy is busy doing something foolish like not using her hands while driving to gape out the window. He is interested in all kinds of hands-on projects, such as building airplanes (and he has to fly one, at one point, having never done it before) and building his own boat to launch in the lake. He is far more pragmatic than Nancy, skeptical of her suspicions, but also willing to tag along and always able to improvise using whatever he sees in the room around them – such as re-wiring an old machine into a radio, or tossing a gun into the rafters to avoid them being caught. He would much rather be doing something on his own on a Saturday, something he likes, rather than tagging along with Nancy! She can often be blunt and hurt his feelings—like when she bribes him with a watch and then says she got it cheap; he thought it was a more meaningful present. Ted can be blunt and critical of her, annoyed by her shenanigans, and the fact that he always falls for them – but he cares about her and does his best to help her out whenever he feels an obligation to do so, even dressing up in ridiculous outfits to go undercover. He often points out the obvious and thinks some of her solutions are worthless (like waving a handkerchief out a window; but he didn’t know there was an angry bull on the other side!). He sometimes has a sense that “something” is going to happen, but doesn’t think about it much or go off on wild suppositions alongside Nancy.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

Ted often warns Nancy that it isn’t a good idea to do certain things, out of a desire to keep her safe. He doesn’t think they should break into dangerous places, confront murderers and kidnappers, and he almost passes out from fear when he has to fly a plane that a killer intended them to die in – but he does it. He is skeptical, argumentative, and often questions her judgment, but also is loyal enough to tag along just to make sure she stays safe. He does have an adventurous and good-natured side; he often has funny remarks to make, or statements laced with ironic humor, which makes him likable and far less intimidating than Nancy’s brazenness.