Prior to the epidemic, Jun-u spends his days happily playing video games online with his various friends across the ‘net. After this, he decides to live for his family. But when he receives a call from them that suggests they have all died and become undead, flesh-eating zombies, Jun-u has am emotional breakdown, smashes his television, and attempts to commit suicide. It’s only finding hope and a kinship with his beautiful neighbor across the way that gives him the desire and determination to live, and then to save her life / save them together, by finding a way out of their apartment complex to safety. At times, he shows fearfulness, but also a fierce sense of Self. He tries to throw his neighbor out of the apartment even before he knows he’s infected, without regard for the man’s safety or feelings. He also makes a lot of irrational, emotionally-driven decisions (eating up all his food at once and not being able to ration it out, going out of his flat to look around, hanging himself over a balcony above zombies to get cell reception, trying to hang himself, and putting his foot through the television—his only connection to what’s happening in the outside world). He likes to video game, eat, and sleep. Jun-u takes everything at a surface level, which leads his neighbor to muse aloud to herself, “How stupid is he?” But he is really good at adapting quickly to his environment – he manages to outsmart the zombies on several occasions by summoning them to different parts of the building (calling them away from her door by a ringing phone, banging on pipes, using his drone to attempt to get one off her balcony, punching them in the face when in the courtyard, sneaking into people’s apartment to steal what food he can find, shoving his refrigerator in front of his door, grabbing a rope so that a zombie cannot eat Yu-bin, etc). He takes a lot of risks that eventually pay off, but also should be more suspicious of others, especially those bearing food.

Enneagram: 9w8 sp/so

Yu-bin liked his life of comfort, ease, and non-excitement. He rarely left the house even to shop, something he regrets later. He soothes himself at first with sensory comforts—food, attempts to play his video games, and physical exercise. Sleeping. He is, at times, too trusting of other people and not suspicious enough, such as when he digs into the food a neighbor / survivor gives him. His 8 wing comes out forcefully, though, whenever he needs it – he tries to throw his neighbor out of his apartment after “saving him” out of fear he might be infected, he bashes in zombie heads, he throws himself into peril rather easily at times, he throws epic-level emotional tantrums, and he is earthy and present in his decisions. Under stress, he falls into 6ish distrust, paranoia, suspicion, and hysterics.