Functional Order: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

Yu-bin has managed to survive for a month without anyone in the apartment complex, zombie or otherwise, noticing her, by adapting to her environment, barricading herself in her home, and using common household appliances and pieces of furniture to set up a protective mechanism on her front door (you come through it, you get impaled). She notices her neighbor attempting to hang himself, and uses her laser pointer to get his attention and tell him to stop. Then she sees him going hungry and creates a food zip-line between the buildings to send him supplies. Rather than wait for him to “go first and create a distraction,” Yu-bin slides down a rope into the courtyard and fights her way through the zombies to get into his side of the apartment building. She improvises using a chair to keep zombies away from her, and puts an ax through one’s arm before it can reach her apartment. She is quite private about her feelings and doesn’t talk about whatever losses she has suffered. Yu-bin, however, has a compassionate side—she gives the day’s water ration to a dying plant, even though there’s no hope of its survival. She sends some of her food to Jun-u, even though it means she has less. Though adaptable, confronted with an impossible situation, she often falls into lower Te thinking—giving up, when there seems no solution. She tells him to shoot her if the worst comes to worst, because she cannot stand being fed on or becoming a zombie.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

Almost everyone in their apartment has died or become infected, but Yu-bin has survived because she’s extra careful. She barricaded herself in her apartment, rationed out her food supplies to last as long as they can, and keeps a careful watch on everything around her. She only makes one mistake, and that was to leave a rope hanging off her balcony because she got distracted. She immediately becomes suspicious upon encountering someone on the eighth floor, since she was “sure” no one was up there, and refuses to drink or eat anything he offers them, until she sees him eat it first. She has a rational use for the gun (for them to use on each other, rather than get infected) which Jun-u ignores. Yu-bin feels safer once they are together and can help look out for each other, and is eager to connect and make friends with him.