Ben has zero desires to go outside his comfort zone, or stray from what he knows best; his mother sent him to the camp to force him to face his fears, but he continues in his over-emphasis on cleanliness rather than directly engaging with the environment until he meets Bumpy, and befriends the little dinosaur. He would rather read  books and think, but as he gains more experience and witnesses the others being brave, Ben becomes more assertive with the other kids and risks his life to save them. He is emotionally expressive and willing to talk about his fears, also does not like conflict among his peers, and sees them as a group. Ben will argue with them, then follow along with them out of a desire not to get left behind alone. He feels empathy for Bumpy and refuses to leave him in the woods alone, thus slowing down their progress overall, since he has to half-carry, half-push the baby dinosaur. He doesn’t like to be an inconvenience for the other kids and feels he needs to repay them for being a nuisance by being brave and figuring out what to do in the control room to save their lives. He has very little imagination and no desire to theorize on things, instead focusing on his practical daily needs (and making sure he has enough hand sanitizer!).

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/so

Ben is… neurotically afraid of everything. Germs. Dinosaurs. Loud noises. Other people. Being alone. His great desire for his own survival means taking along hand sanitizer, packing his bag with “good for you” treats that the other kids think taste like sawdust, and drinking awful juice. He is over-reliant on authority and doesn’t like to break the rules, but will go along with the other kids just to avoid being left alone in the middle of nowhere. He would rather stay inside than leave his house. Ever.