Sammy is a highly extroverted girl who loves to talk to the people around her and build connections. She is eager to make friends and tries to get Yas to open up and talk to her, come out of her shell, and be more part of the group. As the plot unfolds, we find out she has volunteered to do something dangerous and illegal to help her family not lose their home. She is quite hurt when others reject her, since she does not want to lose their support and friendship, and eager to make up and be friends once again. She is warm and personable, if a bit loud and excited about everything, but doesn’t really think things through. “Back home on my ranch in Texas…” seems to be her staple answer to everything. Sammy is always referencing what she knows, what experience she has had (if dinosaurs are anything like cattle…), and how it compares to the present situation. She is attentive to the environment and eager to engage with it, but can also be cautious and inventive. Sammy has a keen sense of fun and bubbly enthusiasm for life, which comes from her tert-Ne’s ability to see the humor in most situations.

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

Sammy is all about taking care of her family; she volunteered behind their back to do a dangerous thing so that they would not lose their home, taking their burden onto herself. She is outgoing, social, easily offended/hurt, and tries to make others feel wanted and invited to participate. She tries to make friends with Yas and feels personally slighted when Yas becomes angry at her for the lies she told. Sammy does not want to do the wrong thing, but often hides the truth about herself to avoid facing the others’ wrath or feelings of resentment. She cares a lot about whether she is liked and accepted and included and only perks back up when her friends forgive her.