Yas can figure out how to do things fairly quickly, once she needs to; she often scoffs at the other kids for being irrational or stupid, and does not like to slow down for them. She can make more detached decisions than them, but is often overruled—she points out the baby dinosaur will slow them down and wants to leave it behind, much to Ben’s anguish. She is unsociable and gruff, often blunt in her assessment of others, and inclined to tell people to back off in their accusations. Under stress, she becomes more emotional, blaming others for what is happening. Yas slowly opens up to Sammy and shares her drawings with her, then feels hurt when she believes (wrongly) that Sammy has used her friendship to conceal her true intentions at the camp. At home, she is extremely athletic and trains as a runner every day. She’s eager to get back to doing that, but in the meantime, it gives her way more stamina in the park than her companions. She is quick to leap in and do things, whether that involves jumping out of a boat to distract a dinosaur from attacking her friends, or driving a van recklessly through the woods and managing not to hit trees. Mostly. Yas doesn’t want to believe the worst of Sammy without evidence, but also forms hunches and conclusions that are right… and wrong. She often acts without thinking.

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/so

Yas is quick to leap into action and to take over and has no problem being in charge, but she does not always think things through before committing to them (such as when she strands herself banging on a pipe so her friends can escape). She reacts instinctively from her gut and expects others to fall in line. She’s afraid to open up and be vulnerable to other people, so she pushes them away. She’s angry when she does open up, when she believes Sammy has betrayed that trust by not being genuine (faking being nice to make friend as her cover). She doesn’t like a fuss and will tune out her problems and/or walk away from people.