Brooklynn is on the cusp of everything popular and fabulous, a trend-setting “influencer” with over a 27 million followers. Her entire focus is on being present and capturing what is going on around her, all so she can share it, of course! Brooklynn can be somewhat shallow and superficial, obsessed with her phone and disinterested in boring information that won’t excite her followers. She is also opportunistic and takes unnecessary risks, such as going out at night to record dinosaurs with her phone and accidentally dropping it into the raptor cage. She knows Sammy took her phone when it went missing, because she saw Sammy taking samples in the background of one of her videos, and refuses to budge from this position. She is easily insulted and frustrated, lashing out emotionally when her phone goes missing and causing problems with the other campers. She doesn’t listen to Darius’ pleas for them to make up, and treats Sammy like a pariah for awhile, before she decides to forgive her and get along, because it is the right thing to do and makes more sense to her. Brooklynn is interested in tangible rewards for her efforts—follows, likes, and accolades, and draws logical conclusions from what she sees.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Fame. That’s all Sammy wants and fixates on constantly—being the cool girl with a ton of followers who love everything she does… and when they don’t love it, she becomes obsessed with impressing them in order to get them back. She can brag about her home life and her rich girl stuff in order to impress the other kids also. Brooklynn doesn’t understand how others can not care about how others see them, and it’s not until she loses her phone that she starts paying attention to the other people in the group, not just scheming how to attract back lost followers. Brooklynn just assumes everyone is going to love her.