Darius’ entire life is dinosaur facts. He lives, breathes, and talks about little else, other than his plans with his father to visit Jurassic World. Once it all goes wrong, Darius’ deep knowledge of dinosaurs helps them all survive—he knows how to outsmart them, what they are drawn to, even that they need to shut off the lights to avoid being attacked while flying through the sky toward the docks. His down to earth leadership makes the others turn to him for guidance, because he knows what he’s talking about. He shows very little Ne other than occasional cautiousness when they have ventured too far into the unknown (“should we be here? On which side of the fence are we?”) and excitement to visit the park. He motivates the other kids through “we,” selling them on the idea of survival as being a group. He considered himself and his dad inseparable and talks about him easily when prompted, even though he has lost him. Darius has a warm and reassuring nature, and often tries to stop the others from arguing or motivate them to keep going. He likes to understand things and puzzle them through; his determination to crack the dinosaur game gets him a free ticket into the park. He’s also quite creative in how he problem-solves, and doesn’t let anything stump him for too long.

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

Darius feels responsible for keeping his friends alive, and helping everyone survive the chaos in the Park. When forced to let go of Ben on the rail, he carries the guilt of that with him throughout the rest of the season and into the next one, until their discovery that Ben has survived. He’s forever rushing to help other people, often risking his own life in the process. Darius figures out that the man-eating dinosaurs are “family” and frees them to be together, even though he initially argued they should leave one of them in their cage, because the predator would only come after them. He takes on an unofficial ‘daddy’ position in the group, assuming he must take care of and provide for everyone, adjusting to meet their needs and wishes. His 1 wing is principled and wants to do the right thing, feels a great deal of guilt over his mistakes, and castigates him whenever he does anything wrong.