Kenji is an opportunist to the max—he climbs down into an unknown dinosaur pen to fetch Brooklynn’s phone to impress her, despite not knowing it is safe or not. When stuck doing cleanup duty as a punishment, he convinces Darius to go with him to see Toro, an angry and large carnivorous dinosaur… but they accidentally wind up on the wrong side of the fence (in with the dinosaur). He smoothly takes credit then for saving his friend! He is quick to act to save the others and manages to have a good time while doing it, and has a casual attitude about most things. Kenji has no plan for his future life, other than to make up for his parents ignoring him, and no focus beyond the moment. He can figure out things as he goes, and can be blunt and detached, wondering why people are upset about something or why they got their feelings hurt. He often says insulting things without realizing it… because he is trying to get the girls to like him by being boastful, taking credit for good things and ignoring his mistakes, and generally being a big flirt. Kenji wants to be thought well of, and caters his image to appeal to them, while failing to cope with his own feelings about how his parents neglect him.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sp

Kenji orients himself to having a good time and keeping the mood light. He is somewhat arrogant, irresponsible, and disinterested in doing the hard work involved in keeping them alive; he would far rather show off his superior knowledge of the Park (and what his daddy’s money has bought him) than doing boring stuff like gather supplies. He would rather go to sleep under the “resting tree” than pick up sticks to build their shelter. He tries to keep things light, his friends in good humor, and to focus on optimism rather than pessimism. He can rather foolishly rush headlong into danger, only for his 6 wing to kick in and become anxious, worried about his safety, and not want to take unnecessary risks. He bounces between over-confidence and insecurity, being a braggart and needing people to like him, playing it risky and then playing it safe.