Functional Order: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

Gillian is the exact opposite from her sister – where Sally wants to minimize her life, Gillian cannot wait to get out there and do things, mess around with men, travel around the world, and throw herself face-first into trouble. She tends to react in the moment, instantly to things—seeing a blood moon, she risks not being able to escape her drunken, abusive boyfriend to recover her talisman. She uses herbs in his drink to keep him calm and make him sleep; but when her sister causes him to have an overdose to protect her, she thinks they’d be better off resurrecting him from the dead than going to jail—the aunts’ warning about not bringing anything “unnatural” back be damned! Desperate to send a handsome policeman away from the house, Gillian concocts a special syrup intended to do just that. The extent of her foreknowledge runs into her tendency to read people’s lifelines, but her behavior (drinking, getting involved with terrible men, etc) shows poor foresight and a tendency to live in the moment. She has two sides to her, the fun loving and good-natured aunt who can be tender, compassionate, and kind—and a meaner side in which she looks down her nose at her sister’s choices and gets into shouting matches with her about her fearful and cautious nature. Gillian can stay cool and keep her emotions hidden inside her when the cops arrive—her sister cannot, and that’s a bone of contention between them. She lashes out with her tert-Te at times, confronting people, being harsh with them, and saying unpleasant things, but often doesn’t think about how to solve her own problems and relies on other people to save her.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sx

Gillian does not take things seriously—much like her sister, she is running away from what happened to her parents, but unlike Sally, she is doing it by throwing herself headfirst into life and all it has to offer. She excitedly becomes involved sexually with men, she travels all over the place (to the extent where her nieces rarely see her), and she avoids talking about unpleasant things. Sally tries to sugar-coat some of the darker things about her life (she admits that she drugs her boyfriend, so he will stop wanting to sleep with her long enough to let her sleep). She abdicates her responsibility at times in things and tries to ignore it, and disapproves of her sister’s buttoned up, more responsible nature, calling it prudish and fearful. But she’s also fearful. She cannot leave her boyfriend by herself; she needs her sister’s support. They bury bodies together and look after each other, but ultimately Gillian just wants her entertaining, funny, and extroverted life back.