Sally says over and over that she just wants a  normal life—one in which she is picked to head up the parental phone tree without using magic. Though a talented witch at a young age, she refuses to practice the craft much and tries to suppress it in herself. She believes so much in the law of repeats (the past influences the future) that she avoids any and all romantic entanglements, envisions a man she cannot have, and tries to avoid falling in love, all out of a fear that she will lose the person she most cares about—and then she does. She is fiercely loyal to and protective of her sister, but also looks down on her wandering ways and how quickly she goes through men. Sally has preferred to stay rooted where she grew up and to open an herbal shop, that sells things to improve others’ lives (the one time her reputation as a witch comes in handy). She has strong opinions about everything and is not afraid to share them – when her sister Gillian shows up after her husband’s death, Sally does nothing but talk for hours about how he made her feel, how she tried not to fall in love, and how angry she is that she can do nothing to bring him back. While drunk, she accuses her sister of being a drunken slut in return to Sally meanly chastising her for being frigid and afraid. Sally has a compulsive need to be honest with people and talk her way through things, but does so clumsily when she’s trying to cover up a murder. Yet she kills someone (twice) to save her sister, buries him in the garden, and then tries her best to keep him from haunting them all. She really doesn’t think much about the consequences of her decisions other than in terms of quick fixes, and has no real flashes of insight.

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/so

Sally is afraid, so she tries to “check out of life” by refusing to participate in the things normal people do—like falling in love, until her aunts cast a spell over her that loosens her up a bit. Though she wants and craves love, she admits to Gillian that she cannot have it. She is cautious and proactive, always thinking about the next possible bad thing (“I don’t want to leave my children and go to jail, Gill!”). She doesn’t experiment with her magic, use it much, or want to go against the aunts’ advice not to raise someone from the dead. Sally is responsible where her sister is irresponsible, the reliable girl who stayed home. But her entire focus is family, loyalty, and protecting herself and her sister. She feels insulted when a drunk Gillian reads her lifeline and says she could have all these things (a handsome lover, etc) if she were not so scared all the time. Fear does run her life, but she also takes risks and runs toward it, with a man who says curses cannot hurt you unless you believe in them.