Mother Mildred is a master of efficiency at the Mother House, and takes on a similar domineering attitude when she visits Nonnotus. She can be so focused on the facts, she inadvertently insults people through her frankness and fierce need to control the environment, but she is also a practical, dedicated, and hardworking woman who knows how to establish missionary positions around the world. Though not a woman prone to sharing her mind or talking much about her feelings, Mildred has a strong desire to assist others through impacting the environment (bringing them clean water, midwife services, and general aid), which shows her tender heart, buried beneath all the gruffness. She is practical, straightforward, and driven to collect details. She assumes that Scotland needs their assistance, and that she can take the same approach with a hospital there that has worked in other rural areas… and is in for a rude awakening to discover her plans must change. Mildred often references things from her personal past and experiences, that she feels bear some weight on the current situation. She believes in preparing for the future, and in changing course when necessary—so long as the facts support it (eventually, giving up her hope of establishing a mission in Scotland).

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/so

She admits to little Sister Frances that the hardest thing for her to learn as a nun was to not rely on herself, and to start asking God for things. To find humility. She lacks that, since she has total self-confidence, a tendency to “take charge” or “dominate” situations, and a blunt, opinionated nature. Mildred can often be caught off guard, when others are insulted by her frank remarks – she did not intend them in the way others heard them, and was simply trying to help out. As an 8, her criticisms come out harshly and she isn’t inclined to apologize for them. She can insult people without meaning to, and then become hurt or flustered, because they “misunderstood my remark.” Her 9 wing can get anxious about her bluntness insulting people, and make strides to attempt to win back their favor (she will sometimes even apologize for insulting someone).