Cynthia is very attentive to the details, and feels comfortable in a routine. She not only has a strong ability to recollect things she has learned, and her own experiences, but also trusts the experience and wisdom of the other midwives. She is curious about things she doesn’t understand and seeks more information that help her form judgments, and has a fairly traditional approach to moral values. Midwifery is long-lasting, has tremendous value, and is a time-honored practice, and Cynthia shares a closeness with her friends because of their shared profession. There is a little bit of a romantic in Cynthia, underneath her practical nature. She doesn’t often share these dreams with the others, but in times of stress becomes fearful of the many possible ways she could have been at fault (inferior Ne). She is very kind and affirming, able to calm expectant mothers down, and careful not to make mistakes. Cynthia encourages others to follow their heart, expresses her own fears and joys, and finds it easy to offer affirmation and comfort to her friends. Though she is quiet much of the time, she is sensitive, compassionate, and charitable. Cynthia thrives under the encouragement and appreciation of others, and generally puts them before herself. When one patient is dying of eclampsia, Cynthia asks permission to attend the case to the end, both out of compassion for the woman’s husband and her own desire to truly understand how the blood disorder works. In another instance, she loses a baby after a seemingly normal delivery and again wants to know what happened and why. She becomes deeply internal as she analyzes what happened, and her  behavior, in an attempt to understand if she was in some way to blame for what happened.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Cynthia is the sweetest of the nurses and the one most impacted by conflict. She does not want to let others down, so she often goes along with them and “mutes” her opinions, but on occasion she can become very angry over injustices. She wants to maintain a sense of calm and has trouble articulating her anger – it only comes out after her assault, and she chooses to speak up about it for the greater good – because “someone has to” (her 1 wing’s desire for right and justice). She has has a lot of self-doubt; she needs reassurances after she makes mistakes, and feels the most safe within the Church, with her friends about her. Her 1 wing is principled and dutiful; she is very hard on herself after making mistakes.