Sister Evangelina prefers to approach life in an organized manner; she wants everything predictable, to know where it is, and to have it completed in a timely fashion. She is comfortable marching into just about any situation and putting it right. She keeps an eye on the nurses and monitors both their behavior and effectiveness; sometimes, she can be quite critical if she feels they are performing the job inadequately. She’s efficient, seemingly tireless, and can put aside personal feelings to get the job done. Though she struggles to know how to comfort other people, Sister Evangelina is much kinder than most people think. Things touch her deeply, and she has a kind and generous heart that prompts her to strongly identify with others who have a similar background – and resent those that don’t. She tends to look down her nose at Chummy for her aristocratic upbringing. Sister Evangelina wants to contribute to something greater than herself—the cycle of life, through a life of self-denial and servitude. In choosing her profession, she followed her heart (inferior Fi). Her reputation is one of reliability, attentiveness to detail, and general resentment and disregard for “new” ideas and contraptions having to do with medical advancement. Since she has been in midwifery for fifty years, she has experience with every kind of birth you can imagine and knows precisely what to do in any given situation. Sister Evangelina prefers reliable, tested, practical methods that have worked for generations. She has an incredible memory for details, both pertaining to medicine and to her previous and current patients. She is capable of sensing what is going on between other people, and accurately guessing at their feelings. Though she is quite practical, there’s a deeper side to her that she doesn’t often let others see, in her belief that all life has significance. She isn’t so set in her ways that she can’t adapt and see the potential for good possibilities in the future. Her desire to learn, and her growing religious beliefs, are what prompted her to become a nun and a midwife in the first place.

Enneagram: 8w7 so/sp

Sister Evangelina is brisk and abrupt, often criticizing the new nuns for falling behind, needing pampered, or being out of breath. She has no problem telling them off if they do something wrong and frequently asserts herself in strong, domineering ways. Evangelina admits that the hardest thing about being a nun has been to learn obedience to a higher authority; she doesn’t like people telling her what to do, even if they are a superior nun. She has an earthy, hearty pretense without any ‘overt manners’ about her, which allows common folk to easily relate to her and consider her one off their own. If all else fails, she’ll fart as a way to open conversation and get a chuckle out of them. Though she can be critical and even abrasive at times, Evangelina has integrated into her 2 — she sees the value of being useful and loving toward people, and caring for their needs without thought of reward. Her 7 wing doesn’t like to be deprived of anything (she’s often cross with Sister Monica Joan for not leaving her any of the cake) and is evasive when she makes mistakes; Evangelina does not like to talk about or think about her failures.