Chummy has a tremendous capacity for love, which makes her excellent at calming expectant mothers down. She chooses nursing and missionary work, because of her desire to impact the individuals within society in a very real, tangible, personal way. Though she is shy, Chummy is quite open with her feelings, whether she is considering becoming a nun or fretting about disappointing her mother. For awhile, her desire to keep her family happy makes her temporarily consider abandoning the man she loves. She’s not always comfortable “correcting” children, but enjoys creating an environment for them (and their mothers) where they can learn and reach their full potential. It doesn’t feel right to Chummy whenever she makes a “cold” decision, or shuts someone out of her life emotionally; without that tether, she becomes despondent and overly-analytical, to the extent where she considers becoming a nun simply to avoid the complications of dating. Chummy goes through a period in her life when she’s melancholy and feels inadequate, but in reality she’s smarter than she thinks she is (inferior Ti). She relates everything she encounters in some way to her life, her experiences in India (and later, Africa), and to the people she has known. Chummy saves lives because she employs the tactics others have used before her, to great success (delivering a breach baby, she follows in the footsteps of a midwife she saw do the same thing). She is detailed in her explanations, and a bit thrown off by unexpected developments. Her zeal for life and interest in new experiences allow her to come up with creative ideas from her environment. Chummy likes to use interesting metaphors, and tends to generate “bigger” plans as greater expectations are placed on her (she expounds her Christmas play by involving another children’s group). She has a strong personal faith, and is a bit of a romantic and a dreamer. She has a great yearning for the unknown—thus, her lifelong ambition of missionary work.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Chummy is one of the sweetest, most generous characters on the show; she is always trying to please other people and apprehensive about rocking the boat. Her quiet desperation to please her mother makes her submissive and eager to keep the peace, using humor to avoid the pain her mother causes her through her rejection. She uses humor to diffuse tension and keep things light, but also likes to try and numb herself against general unpleasantness. She can become anxious and reach out to others for reassurances under stress, showing her slow disintegration into 6ish attitudes and behaviors. Her 1 wing wants to be appropriate, well-behaved, and responsible.