Peter chose a profession that requires attentiveness to rules and details, consistency, a schedule, and reliability. He shows up to work on time and pulls double duty at home if need be. He is comfortable in situations in which he has a certain amount of experience, and nervous about trying out for a higher rank (learning new material, passing tests, etc). He is down to earth, and likes to collect all the details about as situation before passing judgment on it. New ideas interest him, though he doesn’t actively pursue them unless Chummy is also excited about them. He is a good judge of character and able to read people. Peter is open to a new life in Africa as a missionary, and to the changing advancements and technologies in the 1950’s (inferior Ne). He cares so much about other people that even when questioning Cynthia about the death of a child, he assures her that this casts no aspersions upon her as a nurse, and he hopes she understands that they “have to” ask these kinds of questions. He is protective of Chummy, but so easily touched by her mother’s tragic illness that despite his intense dislike for the woman, he takes her out of the hospital and invites her to stay at home with them. When anxious about his exams (physical and mental), Peter worries more about disappointing Chummy than letting himself down. He often works long hours and then comes home to watch their son, so that Chummy can continue to do what she loves to do – nursing and midwifery. Though very aware of the rules and their significance, Peter chooses to put more faith in the “spirit of the law” than the letter of the law and is more often compassionate than not; rather than get Fred into trouble and arrest him, Peter tells him to go home and clean up the mess of toffee apples and birds before the constables arrive. When faced with a problem, Peter looks for different solutions that seem to make sense.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Peter is gentle, mild-mannered, and does not like conflict. He somewhat passively asserts himself, preferring to clear the air beforehand and assure others he means no offense by asking the questions he must ask. Though he has moral opinions, he rarely forces them on anyone else and feels sorry at times that he must arrest someone. He often looks the other way for his friends, to avoid getting them into legal trouble. His 1 wing is principled and dutiful. He is a loving and responsible earner as a husband and father.