Sister Julienne has utter confidence not only in her abilities as a midwife, but in the other midwives as well; she carries into the birthing room a great deal of insight, experience, and wisdom learned from generations of midwives before her. She holds to the unchanging variables (her faith, her service, and her “family”) to weather the unexpected turmoil of life. Her attentiveness to detail makes her an effective midwife, but also easily able to manage the many responsibilities of running Nonnatus House. Sister Julienne sometimes tells stories about their patients, to help the other nurses understand their backgrounds. Her faith enhances her belief that everything has meaning, and that nothing happens by chance. While she is not overly eager to embrace new surroundings, she adapts when they are forced to vacate the premises, and isn’t closed off to the possibility of embracing new medical advancements (inferior Ne). She is a peacemaker by nature, concerned with everyone’s happiness and with providing an environment that allows them to grow and thrive. She doesn’t like discord among the sisters or the nurses, and has an easy, amiable nature that allows her to put others immediately at ease. Sister Julienne is not above compromising to keep spirits high; even though it taxes their funds, she cares so much about Sister Monica Joan’s happiness, she finds a little extra to put aside for taxi fares. She’s supportive of everything her nuns and sisters do, and divinely forgiving of any kind of misbehavior with their patients. On the rare occasion she is faced with criticism, she turns to her fellow nuns for affirmation and reassurances. Though always polite and considerate, Sister Julienne has a backbone of steel that enables her to logically step back from situations and keep others in line. She runs a tight household, expects the others to pull their weight, and gently uses her authority to encourage the entire household to make practical decisions rather than purely emotional ones. She can be critical when necessary, and analytical when the situation calls for it, particularly with regards to funds.

Enneagram: 1w2 sp/so

As Julienne reminds her nurse and sisters, their foremost task is to care for people and their needs, with no expectation of praise or anything in return. She sees herself as needing very little and giving much. She devotes her entire life to a profession of service, both to her church and to the families of Poplar, and is an excellent teacher, always seeking to lead, show others how to better themselves, and remind them to serve without expectation of reward, sometimes driving herself into exhaustion in the process. She is often able to find common ground by appealing to others on an emotional level, not focusing on the moral right of a situation but their feelings, but more often comes from a position of being morally “correct.” Julienne can at times neglect others’ emotional states and then apologize for them (such as when she has a midwife who lost her child continue with midwifery duties, until she realizes the negative affect it has on her). She often wants others to behave and doesn’t leave Sister Hilda in charge of affairs when she’s ill, because she fears Hilda will go to “excess.” She questions whether certain behaviors and activities are appropriate cast against their profession, raises concerns about the moral implications of birth control, and is surprised when the pastor has no opinions to share on the matter. Despite her strong feelings on abortion and the pill, Julienne helps and loves on those who make choices she does not agree with.