Jenny tells Jimmy that she may be a private person about her feelings, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have them. While she’s happy to comment on the social welfare of others, she intensely deals with her own emotions without confiding easily in others. Jenny has such a strong value system that she finds it difficult at times to sidestep it and offer compassion without judging the people responsible for the plight of the poor in London. She has a fiercely independent nature, which she admits made her somewhat resistant to her parents’ rules. She has to be true to herself, and her desire for genuine romance. Once she makes up her mind, Jenny’s decisions are final. It upsets her when things are out of order or uncontrolled (not being able to do anything about the bad housing and poverty frustrates her, and she tries to motivate others into action). Being totally rational isn’t her strength, but she can organize her kit, be aware of time tables and be reliable on the job (inferior Te). She acts somewhat impulsively when she becomes a midwife, and “runs away from her romantic problems.” Jenny easily fits in with the other girls, and although it takes her a little while to get “in sync” with them, before long she is settled in and comfortable in her new life. She is observant of her surroundings (at times, repulsed by how easily she notices filth, bugs, and illness) and quick to act on them; she recruits Jimmy and his car when necessary, and lives a little bit on the wild side (sneaking him in and out of the nunnery, swimming in someone else’s pool, as a young woman, hitchhiking to London to see a concert without her parents’ permission, etc). As she lets go of her past, Jenny starts thinking about her future and developing a long-term vision for it that includes nursing and midwifery. Being around the nuns opens her up to thinking about and intensely pondering how faith impacts their lives. She is introspective and knows what she wants; furthermore, Jenny has the will to go get it.

Enneagram: 1w9 sp/so

Jenny is meticulous about her work, because she wants to get it right. She ran away to Poplar because she developed feelings for a married man and considered that to be inappropriate. She is fanatical about germs and keeping her space clean, sometimes reacting strongly and moralistically — Julienne has to remind her that they are there to serve and not judge the various misbehavior and socially inappropriate things around them (incest, abortion, filthy living conditions, too many children, etc). Jenny tends to have rigid moral judgments at first, but then comes around to admiring those who are different from her, through repeat exposure to their rough living conditions. She tries to hold in her anger, but it sometimes flares up, especially after the loss of a loved one, when she harshly tells Julienne she doesn’t want any meaningless religious platitudes. Her 9 wing is highly withdrawn and distant; Jenny can be emotionally numb at times and disengaged from others.