Trixie has an outgoing, bombastic personality aimed at getting the most out of life. She enjoys a good outing and the promise of fun, attracts a great deal of attention from the boys, and is always up for a lark. She’s spontaneous and not only leaps on chances to try out new things or take advantage of a situation, but encourages others to do so as well. Her ability to note her environment and improvise quickly comes in handy in her midwife duties, when she has to deal with unexpected developments. Trixie likes to “test” other people by making outrageous statements, just to prompt a reaction. Though she enjoys the moment, Trixie has an eye on the future, and encourages others to do the same – when talking to Chummy about her potential love match, she says “now is the time to think strategically!” She’s optimistic toward the future and has unusual insights into other people, but sometimes reads situations too literally (inferior Ni). She easily connects to others, but isn’t all that eager to share her own trials and tribu-bleeding-lations, as Sister Evangelina would say. She doesn’t always know the right words to say to comfort others, so she looks to physical ways to help them instead, by offering help, drinks, nights out on the town, or a plain old hug. Trixie only admits to her fears under stress, and even then she talks about her own sad experiences in an effort to connect with others, and assure them that her compassion or insight is genuine. She lays down ground rules for others (“I’m not that kind of girl”) and breaks up with Timothy because she feels it is the right thing to do. Her distaste for social rules notwithstanding, Trixie has no problem living within the rules of the house, and enforcing them on their patients. She is good at organizing others and taking charge of a room, a situation, or a problem. Her talent for motivating others, giving firm and clear directions, and her ability to manage her time makes her effective at her job.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Trixie is the most fashionable of all the girls – and the one most able to keep her cool even in an intense situation. She can make the most out of kneeling in sick in her brand new stockings with fresh paint on her nails. But she admits that part of her general upbeatness is all a farce – as a child, she would make her father laugh, and that helped him get through his PTSD. She started entertaining for others’ benefit at a young age and now struggles to stop, and remember that she doesn’t have to wear a big smile all the time to keep other people happy. Trixie hates to think about sad things and avoids them by shopping or going out to have fun – to escape her traumatic childhood. She’s generous and demonstrative with the people she cares about, but also insecure. She chose a profession that enables her to help people, and feel good about her work at the end of the day (2 wing). She can be seductive but also principled. She wants her boyfriends to know she is “not that kind of a girl,” and is offended when others consider her a floozy.