Emily is all about networking with people to get things done; she moves into the Paris office and automatically assumes that everyone will like her and listen to her advice, as well as believing they are a collective “we” – all in this together. She works hard to get others to like her, but also knows how to appeal to various people on an emotional level. She easily persuades clients to like her and support her endeavors, and is greatly bothered by her boss’ arrogant dislike of her. She repeatedly attempts to change her mind, through flattery, hard work, and invitations to important events. She initially resists being with her downstairs neighbor out of respect for his girlfriend’s feelings, and only allows herself to date him once they’ve broken up. Emily also has a universal sense of morality – she judges things as right and wrong, she feels uncomfortable with things that go against modern morality (“is this sexy…or sexist?”), she doesn’t want to accept lingerie for her boss, or get embroiled in a “work affair.” She is a creative thinker but spends more time working and building connections than over-thinking her decisions. She is used to how things are done in America, and struggles somewhat to adapt to Paris culture and experiences. The major “shift” in focus is hard for her, since she assumes what she’s used to (being an Instagram Influencer) will also work in Paris – and she is both right and wrong; right in that it does work, and wrong in that a lot of Parisian clients do not appreciate her approach and are resistant to the idea of going “mainstream.” She has an incredible knowledge of brands, influencers, details about her clients, and their long histories; she’s even memorized portions of interviews in order to impress them. Emily is creative in thinking up original ideas to promote their material and get in to see them, but is rather practical in how she goes about things. She knows how the world works (in terms of affairs) and is using it to get ahead.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Emily is something of a workaholic, who is always pitching her ideas to clients even at the ballet or a museum. She has strong self-confidence, is incredulous that people might not like her, and can turn any situation into a positive. When she makes a humiliating mistake with a restaurant reservation and must go out and confess to her boss and clients, she comes up with another solution on the spot, and spins the mistake into a positive. She has a hard time “slowing down to savor” her life in Paris, because she’s over-indulgent and constantly uploading photos to her Instagram account. She believes in the power of public advertising and influencing and making things “popular” and cool, but also wants to be liked and makes frequent attempts to convince anyone who dislikes her to change their mind.