Function Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

Lane is a compassionate girl who cares deeply about Rory and their friendship, but is also often talking about herself, her own interests, and what she wants from her life—in the process, at times missing out on what Rory is experiencing or her best friend’s lack of interest in her conversations. Lane feels a strong need to be her own person, to figure out who she is, and to separate herself from her upbringing – she almost doesn’t date a guy she likes, because he’s too much like someone her Mama would pick for her and approve of (a Korean doctor). Lane often does things out of an emotional reaction, such as when she sets up a complicated poster to advertise for new band members, then hangs up on people who aren’t as “deep” into musical trivia as she is (unbelievable!!). Lane is obsessed with music, and all about her bands. She collects memorabilia and CD’s, and rarely talks about anything else. Once she sees a drum set at a local musical store, she knows it’s what she wants to do and immediately gets a job to pay for them, then starts up a garage band and practices on the down-low. She can be impulsive in how she runs away from problems, sneaks out at night without her mother’s permission, even dies her hair as a statement and then dies it back, within the space of a couple of hours (out of fear of her mother’s condemnation). Lane also is frustrated with her band friends when they rent an apartment together that no one thought of the practical things involved, such as having a refrigerator or toilet paper or food. She eventually gets married and settles into being a mom, but still loves her music. Lane doesn’t overly rebel against her mother, since she’s aware of the potential repercussions involved (she knows who her mother is, her standards, and how she will react, and is right). She does whatever she wants to do, and talks mostly about boys, music, and her summer plans. She’s capable of holding down a job, being responsible, and getting her homework done on time, but also tends to act decisively to get what she wants, even if it’s just to dye her hair purple in rebellion… and change it back a few hours later, before her mother can see it and “kill me.”

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Lane wants to be rebellious and her own person, but the thought of her mother’s disapproval and harassment and judgment keeps her from being herself around her mother. She has to hide her CD collection, keep her band sweaters at Rory’s house, and disguise concert tickets under the guise of “going to a very moral play, Mama.” But guilt for misbehaving and lying often causes Lane to break down and tell her mother the truth, resulting in her being grounded. Lane abides by her mother’s rules even when she chafes against them. She’s fearful of earning disapproval and tries to keep everyone around her happy all the time. Once in awhile, Lane will confront Rory about being an absentee and distracted friend, but for the most part goes along with everything.