Functional Order: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

Luke is not a huge fan of change. He’s kept the walls in his restaurant the same color as his dad had them, and still refers to it as “the shop.” He has his routine that he keeps to, from wearing backward baseball caps all the time to regular arguments with the town board about how stupid it is to decorate for Thanksgiving. Once his old girlfriend comes back into town, Luke falls back into all his old feelings, but also his old expectations – his belief that people do not really change, so she’s going to up and disappear again, just like she always does. He runs a successful business and believes in a direct manner of handling things, even if that sometimes can cause more problems in the long run (such as trying to block Dean from entering the diner while Rory is around). Luke is stubborn, though, and often falls back on authoritarian and defiant methods rather than fully thinking them through (is it really a big deal to put a paper turkey up in his window? Luke thinks it is!). His emotions are private, and he doesn’t like talking about his feelings, although he doesn’t mind complaining about OTHER things. Getting him to confess how much Lorelai means to him leaves him tongue tied, but Luke is fine with talking about how hospitals make him want to puke, or how much Taylor annoys him, or how Dean ought to get his butt kicked for hurting Rory. Still, these feelings are his own, and not reflective of his environment. Luke actively goes against the grain, not to get a reaction, but because he refuses to compromise on some things—again, his blanket refusal to decorate his “shop” for any of the major holidays, even though it upsets half the town board. Need a worst case scenario? Ask Luke. He’ll hand it to you in no time. Gray skies usually loom above his decisions and influence his moods, making him inclined to total pessimism and full-on “glass is not only half empty, it’s got a crack in it” behavior. But Lorelai in particular is semi-good at getting him to open up to new possibilities. You know, within reason.

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/so

Luke is pessimistic, quarrelsome, and has a grouchy attitude toward town functions. He often has negative runaways in his thought process, and it’s become kind of a challenge for Lorelai to get him to open up and try new things or be more optimistic. He often refuses to do whatever the town wants him to, out of an anti-authoritarian stance, but then will turn around and do something nice for them (like serving them hot coffee in a snowstorm). He doesn’t like to spend money and has a problem with his ex-girlfriend being unreliable and traipsing all around the world; as Luke points out when she returns to town, he was responsible and “stayed.”