Functional Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

Michel doesn’t bother concealing his feelings while at work, wavering between professionalism (chastising Lorelai for her wardrobe choices) and being rude, caustic, sarcastic, and nasty to people he considers “odious.” He vents sometimes about the problems in his life, sharing the details but not the emotions; Lorelai won’t let Luke “talk to him” anymore, because Michel spent an hour after their last conversation “crying in the office.” Blunt, frank, opinionated, and bossy, Michel does want success, a bottom line, a plan, something that takes him closer to his goals, but his opinions often override his business sense. He cares how people (and himself) look, to the point of being a health nut who criticizes people for their life choices. Michel gets into an argument (in “Revival”) with Lorelai about how they can’t compete with larger hotels due to their inn not having an exercise room, a large pool, or hot tubs in every room. He tends to react to how he feels in the present moment, not always thinking about how what he says right now might reflect on his later success. Michel doesn’t see the point of doing anything, if it doesn’t lead anywhere; he tells Lorelai there’s no point in running an inn, if the ultimate goal isn’t to attract major clients, leading to inevitable future success. He has Lorelai pegged, personality-wise, and sometimes drops zingers that hit her right in the sore spot.

Enneagram: 4w3 so/sp

Michel is picky, bitchy, and self-centered. When he’s in a bad mood, he refuses to work. He doesn’t answer phones, those are beneath him. He doesn’t talk his own native language to visiting diplomats, that’s also beneath him. He rejects a lot of things as being “not me.” He doesn’t eat whole egg omelets. You get the picture. He can be argumentative, quarrelsome, and arrogant. He has better taste than everyone else, and wants them to know it. Michel has certain ideas about what he wants from his life and he intends to get it. When he’s in the mood, he’s a hard worker and a high-achiever.