Function Order: Te-Ni-Se-Fi

Paris is an over-achieving, success-driven girl, the top student in class, and a ruthless businesswoman later in life, whose frank, opinionated comments, full of facts, ambitions, and hard “truths” often cause people to run away from her. She finds it difficult to relate to the morons in the world, choosing to see them as her minions, people to boss around. Her tough approach sometimes leaves people in tears, but is always rational in its explanations—for example, she tells Rory to tip throughout her stay in a hotel so the employees never know when the “honey pot” dries up or go through your stuff and rob you blind. She also tells Rory to “stake out her territory” in a shared living space, by rolling around on the bed and hopefully prompting others to see the bed as taken and move to the futon. She has had her eye on a single career throughout her years at Chilton, and finds it difficult to adjust when she doesn’t get accepted into her school of choice. She literally had no other outcome in mind and stalls out for awhile, binge-eating and being depressed, until Rory convinces her to think about a different future for herself. On occasion, Paris is impulsive, choosing to go with Rory to a musical concert on a whim and on spring break, but she still tries to control the situation and keep everything the way she wants it. Her feelings are infantile whenever they do turn up, under-developed, and under-appreciated; she starts venting and becomes super emotional under stress, over-sharing, trying to logically process her feelings, and ignoring how other people feel about her comments.

Enneagram: 8w7 so/sp

Paris is aggressive and straightforward, often using intimidation to convince other people to do what she wants and brutally telling them off for their mistakes. She automatically assumes everyone should give her whatever she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it, but is afraid of being vulnerable, touchy about her boyfriend and relationships, and insecure about them, without wanting Rory to know about it. She sometimes loses her cool in public and humiliates herself, such as when she has an angry meltdown in front of an entire audience because she didn’t get the college acceptance that she wanted. She can be off-putting in her directness, but also protective of her friends. Paris avoids unpleasant things and hides the truth about her family, because she doesn’t want to discuss their divorce. She can be avoidant, choosing to conduct an affair with a professor rather than deal with her problems, running away from telling her boyfriend that she’s cheating on him and has someone else in mind, and also wanting to “get away” on spring break to avoid boredom and the frigid cold of home.