Sookie is very up front about her feelings and often wants to talk them through when things happen, venting to Lorelai and also encouraging her to open about her inner experiences. She talks Lorelai through all of her relationship woes all the time, and sometimes is more insightful about Loreali than Loreali herself (knowing that Christopher is Lorelai’s “rebound” and that she loves Luke more than she realizes). She’s extremely good with people and very loving and caring, though she mostly shows others how she loves them through being generous with food. She is easily offended and sometimes quite emotional, but also tries to be appropriate to whatever situation she is in, through her creativity—she doesn’t want to serve little girls cucumber sandwiches, much to Emily’s annoyance, and re-names her easy dishes to impress the Gilmores without batting an eyelash. Sookie also keeps track of things and references previous incidents in how she feels about certain people; because of Christopher’s bad track record of avoiding conflict and not being reliable, she encourages Lorelai to move “slowly” in her relationship with him (but then tries to be supportive of her friend when they get married, despite her personal feelings). She points out, when talking to Lorelai about leaving Luke behind, that they shared a lot, they were friends for a long time before they got married, and that Lorelai can’t just “cut him out” because of all their combined history. Sookie is also a talented cook who knows a thousand different ways to prepare food, and she channels most of her Ne into coming up with different combinations of meals and in her runaway silliness with Lorelai. They do random word referencing, make up fantasy scenarios, and act funny together, while she multitasks competently in the kitchen. Sookie isn’t great at analyzing her own feelings or motives, but she is pretty good at analyzing other people and their motivations, and finding a way to delicately tell them what they need to hear without being offensive about it.

pEnneagram: 2w3 so/sp

Sookie is happy, good-natured, bubbly, and eager to please others. If anyone has a hard time in life, she turns up at their house with a tray of food and hangs around as long as they need her. Once married, she spends a lot of time annoying her husband by “helping” him (making their home more “masculine” without his permission) in an attempt to keep him happy, in case he decides he doesn’t love her anymore. She is quite confident of her cooking skills, and focuses on the one thing a food critic did not like, rather than enjoying the rest of his four star review. Sookie tracks him down at his house (after figuring out the wine he drank with dinner was to blame for his limited tastes) and demands he try eating her dish again, with the right glass of wine. She is competitive and aggressive, often quarreling with Jackson over his fruit and not being afraid to threaten to go to another vendor if he cannot get her what she wants (but she also doesn’t like him to be angry with her, either). Sookie can fall into aggressive behaviors under stress, and say things she wishes she hadn’t later.