Function Order: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

Sookie is a brilliant cook forever tinkering with her recipes and trying out new ways to sauté or blend things; this makes her hard to work with, because she’s meticulous but also demanding, picky, and doesn’t suffer fools well. Sookie will have a tantrum if the squash isn’t as yellow as usual, or if the strawberries do not feel right in her hands. She can be fussy about things in her kitchen, and cares so much about aesthetics, so often goes way overboard, cooking much more food than is needed in her excitement to spruce things up. She frequently banters with Lorelai and enjoys talking about various ideas for their inn. She can be indecisive, inconsistent in her decisions (making one, then going back on it, and changing her mind) and “air-headed.” Sookie has no filter between her emotions and when things happen, which means she reacts to everything on the spot, while being mostly self-centered in her emotional reactions. She doesn’t have a clue what kids are like, so she cooks up a bunch of fancy food for the adults invited to the LotR children’s party and forgets that she has to cater to simple children’s tastes. When Lorelai points this out, and that kids just want tater tots and popsicles, Sookie has a meltdown because she assumes this means she won’t be a good mother and will “fail” at everything (an inferior Ni paranoid reaction). When uncomfortable on a date with Jackson, she starts ignoring him and enthusiastically focusing on Lorelai, alienating him in the process. She puts a lot of emphasis on being organized, efficient, etc. Sookie will show up and start ordering people around, telling them where to put food dishes. She likes to be in control over everything. As soon as she gets married, she starts fretting about all the things she’s just sure Jackson doesn’t like about being married, showing a tendency to get negative under stress.

Enneagram: 2w3 so/sx

Sookie is happy, good-natured, bubbly, and eager to please others. If anyone has a hard time in life, she turns up at their house with a tray of food and hangs around as long as they need her. Once married, she spends a lot of time annoying her husband by “helping” him (making their home more “masculine” without his permission) in an attempt to keep him happy, in case he decides he doesn’t love her anymore. She is quite confident of her cooking skills, and focuses on the one thing a food critic did not like, rather than enjoying the rest of his four star review. Sookie tracks him down at his house (after figuring out the wine he drank with dinner was to blame for his limited tastes) and demands he try eating her dish again, with the right glass of wine. She is competitive and aggressive, often quarreling with Jackson over his fruit and not being afraid to threaten to go to another vendor if he cannot get her what she wants (but she also doesn’t like him to be angry with her, either). Sookie can fall into aggressive behaviors under stress, and say things she wishes she hadn’t later.