Lorelai can talk her way in and out of any situation, bringing up any external possibility to derail the conversation and throw a new kink into it. She is a restless, often forgetful, procrastinating dreamer who would much rather live on pizza and chips than cook, because cooking is boring, tedious, and stupid. Lorelai has a pop culture reference for every situation that appears to be unrelated to the topic at the time, but she can make it fit. She is a fountain of creative ideas and this bubbling fountain of sass, sarcasm, and seeing the humor in everything is not always appreciated by the dour townsfolk. Lorelai can switch conversations and topics at the speed of light, leaving her co-conspirators staring after her in open-mouthed awe. Every year on Rory’s birthday, Lorelai awakens her with the story of her birth. Though it is greatly exaggerated, she enjoys retelling it… and watching her old favorite movies… and reminiscing about the past… and dating old boyfriends… and yes, even participating in certain family traditions that help her connect to her parents, and relive childhood experiences (inferior Si). Her fierce determination for individuality is what caused the rift with her parents; Lorelai refused to toe the line and be the perfect Yale grad student, with the structured life. Instead, she forced her own path, often based on emotional impulses. Lorelai is very sensitive, compassionate, and loving, but is more comfortable trading banter than discussing her feelings. She instinctively senses the good in people and strives to bring it out, while being stubborn about her daughter having her own way and path in life. Lorelai is comfortable not being liked, if it means standing on her principles or fighting for something she believes in. Although she tends to be somewhat disorganized and has a habitual habit of being late everywhere she goes, Lorelai effectively runs an inn, keeps people in line, keeps track of work-related “stuff,” and usually knows how to fix problems and even give orders if necessary to keep things working properly. She has a rational (if a bit silly) explanation for all of her serious decisions and no desire to debate them. Lorelai struggles to keep her emotions out of her decision making process, but in time learns to think about the consequences to her actions (and warn Rory of her own poor decisions).

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sx

Lorelai has never really grown up, despite holding down a job at the inn and being a mother. She acts more like a teenager, through her constant deflections (no serious conversations, please) and her avoidance of deeper emotions. Her house is a mess, she has nothing in her refrigerator worth eating (Rory must pry old pizza out of her hands as unsafe), her personal life includes avoiding anything hard, and she has never lasted in a relationship longer than 2 months. The minute it starts to get serious or Rory calls him by his first name, it feels like a prison and she dumps him and runs away. Boredom is something she cannot stand. When her father winds up in the hospital, Lorelai does almost anything she can think of, to avoid going into that room, seeing him sick, and thinking the worst, that she might lose him and he might die. Her constant conflicts with her parents and their negativity and judgments cause her to want to avoid them altogether. Lorelai’s 6 wing feels a need to have their support and approval, mourning that she could never live up to their high expectations; she feels protective over Rory and nervous about her future. She tends to escalate into panic whenever Rory has gone missing or something is wrong. She also at times spirals into sharp judgments and corrective anger toward her daughter, using her line to 1 to yell at Rory for being the other woman in a relationship and for staying out all night.