Rory is very much a methodical creature of habit, who likes to be on time, study for tests in advance, and has a great capacity to remember details so that she can ace all her classes. She likes comfort and routine – the day before she’s about to start Chilton, she considers staying in Stars Hollow because of “a boy” who talked to her, because she’s really afraid of change. She needs time to think before she makes major decisions and has always had her heart set on attending Harvard… only to decide when she reaches college age that she would rather attend a school meaningful to her grandparents. She likes to watch and rewatch the same movies over and over again, listen to the same kinds of music, and keep her life as peaceful and neutral as possible. She is a direct contrast to her mother, in that where Lorelai refuses to be inauthentic with her Fi, Rory’s argument is often if it pleases her grandparents and she’s doesn’t really care, why not do it for their sake? She often wants to come clean and be honest within her relationships, which her mother warns her is a bad idea – hearing her own “I kissed Tristan” story as told to her mother, as she intends to tell Dean, Rory reaches the conclusion that she is “an awful person.” She has no problem forming rapid assumptions about people and telling them off; she informs Tristan, despite his numerous attempts to get her to go out with him, that she would never do it in a thousand years. When Paris asks if she likes Tristan, Rory answers a big and definite, unchanging “no!!” She can be impulsive in following what her instincts tell her to do, such as when she becomes the “other woman” in Dean’s life, and later, becomes a man’s weekend mistress, with no thought for his wife’s feelings. Her mother judges it from a strong Fi standpoint, wheras Rory tries to make excuses rationalizing it.) When her mom breaks up with her professor, Rory asks her questions in an attempt to “understand” where her mother is coming from. She uses her Ne to banter with her mother, come up with alternative perspectives to frame into their arguments with each other, and to freak out under stress. She can become impulsive whenever she’s running away from things – kissing Tristan at school, stealing a boat, and endangering her future prospects through brief whims.

Enneagram: 9w1 sp/so

Rory is warm and engaging, but hates conflict and doesn’t want to cause trouble unnecessarily. Her mother says Rory is the model child who never does anything wrong. She becomes incredibly anxious at the thought of disappointing the people in her life or letting them down, and will run away from conflict. When Dean demands she tell him how she feels about him, Rory panics because she doesn’t have an answer; she doesn’t know how she feels most of the time, and lives in a ‘haze’ of reflecting other people. Rory tends to merge into other people’s feelings when around them, and tolerate too much; she gets involved with Jess and Logan, despite thinking both of them are jerks, simply by being exposed to them. Rory does not want others to cause conflict and asks Lane repeatedly if she is really ready to rebel against her mother or not. She goes along with whatever her grandmother wants most of the time, just to keep the peace. She mirrors her mother a lot and takes on many of her opinions and interests, becoming more “like her” when they are around each other (witty and engaging and silly), but also bears down hard on her 1 wing. She has to do things right, she can’t fail her classes, she needs to not lie to people to feel okay with herself. The more pressure she is under (from classes, etc), the more anxious and reactive she becomes (moving to 6). She overanalyzes everything and goes down the rabbit trail with her mom in freaking out about everything from college applications to whether she should stay with Dean or not.