Functional Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

Melinda has internalized all her feelings about her assault, and become “silent” in order to cope with them. She has a strong internal voice, often wondering what would happen if she just stopped talking altogether, and her response to anything she doesn’t want to answer (say, in the principle’s office) is to keep silent. But she makes choices based on what feels authentic and moral to her, such as being nice to a girl “even though I didn’t like her” out of politeness, but then telling that same girl off when she wants to “ask a favor.” Melinda tells her she has ideas about her room, and her life, that don’t involve her, and to leave. She doesn’t start recovering until she learns to work out her issues through her art. She can be sensitive, withdrawn, and blunt under stress, since she doesn’t know how to confide in others about what happened to her. She used to be a happy girl, eager to engage with the world, who quickly danced with a stranger and then kissed him easily. She loved to party, stick her head out car windows, and immerse herself in the environment. After her traumatic experience, she’s still living fully in the present, but also shows signs of being impulsive (cutting class, sneaking into a hospital room and bed, riding around town on the bus, etc). Though initially confused about what her teacher means about abstract art representing her inner self, Melinda learns to create unique pieces by using things in her environment—from forks and plastic palm trees to the chicken bones left over from their disastrous Thanksgiving dinner.

Enneagram: 9w8 sp/sx

Melinda has severe depression and PTSD from her rape, which makes it impossible in the context of the film to type her accurately with confidence, but she appears to desire a sense of inward peace and numbness, preferring to ignore what happened to her and suppress it. She shuts people out and lives inside her own head, has no real interest in answering them if she does not feel like it, and is sensitive to conflict. Flashbacks to before the rape showed her as more proactive, extroverted and fun-loving around her friends. Her 8 wing occasionally lashes out at people and is blunt and tells it like it is.