Before being driven insane and turned into a vampire, Drusilla could foresee the future and had strong “impressions” about whatever was going to happen, including a fatal accident in a mine that killed a bunch of people. Since no one understood these insights, her mother feared they were born of demonic intervention and threw her into a nunnery. As a vampire, Drusilla is cunning and futuristic-minded, despite being mentally unhinged. She often speaks in high, unintelligible abstractions that reference how she turns things into personal symbols. She says, before she turns Spike, that she would choose “the wisest and bravest knight in all the land,” foretelling his eventual transformation into a vampire with a soul. Drusilla also figures out that Angel has taken Giles’ soul into his own body, with no direct physical evidence. Though she can be ruthless when forced to fight, she largely stays on the sidelines, allowing Angelus or Spike to defend her instead. She is not reactive in the environment, and has poor sensory-motor skills; the most she enjoys interacting with it is through sensual pleasures or torturing Angel. She was an appropriate girl before her transformation, highly attuned to what others thought of her and desirous of pleasing them. As a vampire, Drusilla is emotionally reactive and easily insulted or hurt, has certain ideas about how vampires should behave (she dumps Spike once he no longer qualifies), and often tells other people off. She also derives a certain amount of pleasure from torturing Angel and Giles, forcing them to wallow in their pain of their suffering and manipulating them on an emotional level. She often believes her own logic, and becomes angry when she cannot get her words out, since it seems plain to her but others cannot understand her meaning. On occasion, when imbibed with a soul, she attempts to atone for her mistakes and cruelties by doing kind things for others.

Enneagram: 9w1 sx/so [947]

Drusilla’s calm is what causes others to be unnerved by her; she maintains an ethereal air of detachment from reality, and is quiet, and self-contained until she does not get her way. She allows very little to penetrate her aura of detachment and idealism, and only becomes upset when she thinks it is not going to turn out as she had planned it. As a human, she was meek and submissive to her mother, obedient to the Church, and virtuous. As a vampire, she continued in her sexual relationship with her Sire, despite being in a relationship with Spike, out of a submissive nature to a more dominant vampire. She does not actively move things forward herself, until she gets upset — she allows time and patience to bring forth her plans, and almost needs other vampires to trigger her into activity. She can be critical and judgmental of Spike when he fails to live up to her idealized standards.