Cordelia Chase expresses her opinions very frankly; in fact, she shares every thought as it comes to her (dominant Te). She has opinions on everything and isn’t afraid to tackle any job set before her – she decides to make Angel’s “saving people” business profitable and immediately sets about cleaning up the office, coming up with a filing system, and printing out rate sheets … not that he lets her use them, but whatever. She is logical and knows they must all make enough money to support themselves – well, in her case. She has trouble relating to other people, and not becoming highly emotional and selfish in a bad situation. Cordelia isn’t easily insulted, but also struggles to confide in others when she needs to (inferior Fi). Everything she deals with on a daily basis goes back to her own former experiences and information; she keeps track of ideas, conclusions, and ways to battle different kinds of creatures, so that she can use them in the present. Cordelia also tends to focus mostly on the present but with a bigger eye toward her future; she wants to become a famous actress and comes up with the ideal imaginary life (Ne) but inevitably falls back on practicality. She knows her host is a vampire by picking up on external details, comparing them to her storehouse of knowledge, and linking facts to form a bigger picture.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Competitive, assertive, and vocal in what she wants, Cordelia is all about achieving success, being on top, keeping her status as the prettiest and most-bad-ass girl in town, and in working hard to achieve whatever she wants – be that for Angel as his secretary or to win the role of queen at the prom. She needs to LOOK good, which means she deliberately hides the fact that she’s dating Xander from most of her high school friends, out of fear they’ll think less of her because of her dating such a loser. Her 2 wing develops as the series unfolds, giving her more of a desire to genuinely help people rather than manipulating them with fake concern to earn their love. Under stress, she starts questioning and analyzing like a 6.