Giles is a thoughtful, detail-oriented man who believes in doing extensive research before leaping into action, in a daily routine in which Buffy keeps in top form, and in using the vast wealth of resources of Slayers and Watchers that have come before him. He is skeptical of hunches and insights, and often refers to his own previous experience when making decisions. Giles is something of a book-learned expert in everything pertaining to vampires, demons, witches, and the occult. He has semi-trust for authority, but is not afraid to “act out” when the situation calls for it. As Giles grows more accustomed to Buffy’s methods of doing it herself, he learns to trust her insights and that she can take care of herself. He wants the facts, so they can come up with and execute a plan for the greater benefit of society. Rupert has no emotional attachment to his conclusions, he simply states what they have to do to get rid of the demon, vampire, or other problem. He can be somewhat blunt and inquisitive, but also deeply personal in his feelings. He loves Buffy very much, but rarely reminds her of that, preferring instead to be hard on her, so she will grow into a better Slayer. He does not attempt to comfort her beyond a few simple words, and respects her need to be alone and figure out her own feelings – just as after his girlfriend dies, he needs time to be alone and brood. He admits to an inferior Ne “wild child” period in his teenage years, of which he is now ashamed, in which he pursued various ideas and ideals, without any awareness of their potential repercussions. This resulted in him and his friends accidentally unleashing a demon upon them all.

Enneagram: 6w5 so/sp

Giles is something of a practical stick in the mud, but he’s also a warm and likable man, able to form connections to his little gang of recruits. He feels more at ease having their input on problem-solving and in trusting them to keep Buffy safe (and vice versa). He can be distrustful and doubtful, concerned about Buffy’s personal safety. Giles admits that his worst nightmare is that he would fail her and she would wind up dead because of his incompetence. He is a librarian through and through, with an endless assortment of books at his fingertips that he believes contain most of (if not all) the answers to their problems. He hits them whenever a crisis arises, trying to seek out knowledge to cope with his worries about whether they can handle this challenge or not. Giles is more comfortable handling the intellectual side of things than engaging in physical combat, and is endlessly frustrated by Buffy’s lack of interest in studying the books (when she can just stab things with pointy sticks, and then hit the mall!). He is somewhat insecure in forming romantic relationships, but can be aggressive in defending those he cares about.