Willow is an extremely compassionate, considerate girl, but always emotionally out of harmony with her environment – she tends to voice her thoughts, realize midway through a sentence what she just said, and cover for it with Ne re-phrasing, but she is consciously aware of what she wants from life and how to get it. As the series unfolds, she becomes more assertive in wanting to control her environment. Her “Dark Willow” period reflects her deep, entrenched rage over her loss, as well as her deliberate actions to punish all offenders. She often discusses the facts of what happened to her, but not how she feels about it – until she has had time to process and translate her emotions. She is often quick to leap to accurate conclusions and make connections – such as associating Buffy’s unusual, withdrawn behavior with an earlier conversation about Buffy’s desire to sleep with Angel, and telling Giles to back off, because he doesn’t know what’s really going on. She loves to engage in abstract, random conversations and games with Xander (bouts of “anywhere but here”). She catches on to magic quickly, she is suspicious of others and their motives, she enjoys speculation, and she often brings up alternative ways to view things, as she sorts through potential outcomes to their situation. Willow sometimes relates things to her own life experiences, and has a decent ability to compare new and old situations to anticipate what will happen next. She can be cautious when it comes to confronting danger. Her inferior Te shows in how bossy she can be under stress (yelling at Cordelia and Xander to ‘get with the program’), as well as in her magical attempts to control Tara.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

Willow has a cautious approach to life, forever testing others and her theories, but also being self-reliant in trusting her hunches. She places a lot of worth in her inclusion in the “Buffy gang” and works actively to maintain her place among them; but she also withdraws to process her thoughts and has a cerebral nature. She often helps others, and even can check their homework for them, out of a desire to please and be accepted. Under stress, she makes knee jerk decisions and leaps into action (3), but as she matures, she becomes calmer and more self-reliant (9). She has a zany and comical wing, which allows her to be funny and light-hearted, good-natured, and optimistic to a fault. She’s not above having fun with her friends, taking risks without thinking of the consequences (over-using magic, and then being afraid that it will turn her evil again), or engaging in wordplay with Xander.