Function Order: Ne-Ti-Fe-Si

Xander has to make a joke out of everything and keep things light. He is much more of a sidekick who looks for implications than a leading man, since he’s poor at fighting. He’s also somewhat naïve and tends to assume the best of people – rather than asking why his teacher seems interested in him, a high school student, he allows her to flatter him and stroke his ego, and then winds up almost being eaten by her. He leaps to rapid conclusions and often goes down rabbit trails with Willow, as they banter back and forth, provide puns, and propose alternative ways of looking at things. Xander hovers between being insensitive and not knowing what to say to comfort his friends, and being open about his feelings. He especially shows tert-Fe when he starts dating Anya, and finds her bluntness and lack of concern for anyone but herself to be rude, insensitive, and troubling. He takes it upon himself to teach her how to seem more like a ‘human being’ and less like she just dropped out of a hell dimension. His methods are often harsher than Buffy’s in a more casual way – he is for staking Angelus/Angel when he becomes a problem, and doesn’t want to forgive him for his crimes against them as a group, and as individuals. Xander is somewhat at a loss of what to do with himself – undisciplined and left living in his parents’ basement, until he discovers he has a natural aptitude and enjoyment in being a work foreman for a construction crew. He is easily flattered, offended, and made to feel insecure whenever he doesn’t feel manly enough, and also doesn’t like Anya speaking about their private sex life in front of people, but isn’t always aware of how his actions are going to emotionally affect those around him. He is somewhat easily lead into things, since he has no real inner moral compass to stop him (such as when Faith uses him as her ‘sex toy’ and then he finds out she thought nothing of it). Xander tends to hold onto grudges based in previous interactions with people – his resentment toward Angel drives him to unfairly assess him as a threat. He holds Spike’s previous crimes against him for a long time, until he proves worthy of their collective friendship. He has no real interest in establishing a sense of permanence in his life until he decides he wants to marry Anya, and start having a ‘grown up life’ (which he has postponed for far too long).

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so [639]

He’s anxious and reactive, often thinking up the worst-case scenarios and worrying about things that may never happen. Xander doesn’t like to take risks and trusts Buffy to come to his rescue when it comes to the undead, but also hates having to rely on someone else or look bad in front of other people (“You just de-manned me, you emasculated me in front of everyone, Buffy!”). He waffles between extreme distrust of newcomers (like Angel and Spike) out of jealousy and paranoia, and too much faith in his friends. Under stress, he leaps into action – sometimes prematurely, in an attempt to get things done or make a firm decision (moving to 3). His 7 wing is witty, vibrant, easily distracted, and wants to run away from his deeper feelings of anxiety by being funny.