Functional Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

Until Angel finds a purpose in his desire to help Buffy, he spends decades alone, wallowing in his deep depression and sense of guilt over his evil deeds as the demonic vampire Angelus. Though Angel continues to go through intense emotional experiences, he finds it difficult to talk about it with anyone, even Buffy. He is compassionate and advocates for forgiveness, even standing against Buffy to defend Faith when he believes in a possibility for Faith’s redemption. Though he can be tender and reassuring, he’s also not good at sensing others’ emotional awkwardness or in responding to it. He finds it hard to open up to clients, or respond to them in friendly ways; it takes him awhile to realize that his stoicism can be “off-putting” to his clients. Rather than develop a gentler emotional tone, he changes his shirt’s color from black to white. He tends to wing it in intense situations. Angel leaps in, punches flying, kicks people through windows, sets them on fire, snatches axes out of midair and hacks off evil limbs, and when no other solution seems forthcoming, kicks an evil vampire through an eleventh story window, so he will burn up before he hits the ground. He sometimes loses interest in meddling with the details of his cases, doing the heavy lifting and then leaving his henchmen (Doyle and Cordelia) to clean up the mess, box up the body parts, and bury them separately. Angel has “hunches” that plague him, but that are not always correct – sometimes his intuition is good, such as when he suspects there’s more going on with Doyle’s ex’s boyfriend than first meets the eye; when he knows there is “something up” with the demon-possessed child’s household, etc. His low Te can be blunt, stating the facts at times, and wanting a “plan.” He finds it hard to ask for financial compensation for his cases, which means his agency earns very little revenue.

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/so

Angel is a cautious and withdrawn vampire, who nonetheless feels a need to contribute to society through atoning for his wrongful behavior in the past. He tries to guard and protect Buffy as much as he can, then reaches out and tries to do the same for other people. He accepts Faith and her need for redemption and even protects her from Buffy, who seeks vengeance for Faith’s wrongful actions. Many times, Angel tries to steer Buffy away from dangerous situations, but she insists it’s her job to take care of them and goes in without him. He’s fearful of rejection based on his vampiric nature, but can also appeal to other people — he has a likability despite his overall broody 5 wing. His 5 is intensely internal. He withdraws from the outer world, and from other people, in order to process his feelings of guilt. He finds it difficult to move on from his emotions until he has fully processed them, but does this alone and internalizes it rather than shows others the depths of his feelings.