She is terrific at seeing the various ways to exploit a situation and in interacting with her environment to slay all kinds of monsters; she improvises using whatever is at hand and quickly takes control of the situation. Buffy will leap in and tackle people, chase them into graves, throw herself over fences, hedlock them, hurl something through a window to let in the sunlight, etc. She has no real patience for planning, but prefers to march in and take charge instead. Buffy loves pampering herself, with expensive shopping trips, clothes, shoes, trips to the Bronze, and atmospheres charged with potential excitement. She is comfortable in any situation and doesn’t need time to orient herself. Buffy is a warm and forgiving girl, but her values are absolute; she reaches a point where she believes Faith must die instead of be given a chance at redemption, because she is “evil.” Buffy doesn’t mind opening up about what she is going through in casual conversation, but when it comes to serious emotional issues, she closes herself off from the outside world. She broods. Stops talking. Starts acting out. After dying, Buffy cannot talk about how it felt, or what it did to her emotions; all she can do is beat the vampire’s bones to dust after weeks of silence. Her orders, in an intense situation, are not to be disobeyed; Buffy has no problem laying out the facts of a situation, or appraising it objectively. She can make the tough choice even when it goes against her heart (killing Angel, sending him to hell, and closing the portal). She often sees only the most obvious solution and takes it – even if it means killing herself in the process. Buffy sometimes delves into Te when she is angry or upset, causing her to frankly share her thoughts, insult people, and not care what they think of her. She becomes mean, using her bluntness to wound others intentionally. She shows flits of Ni here and there. Ted seems nice, but Buffy still knows “there is something wrong.” She often will make a speculative guess about something that turns out to be right later (about the Mummy Girl, about the intentions of the Vampires, about Spike being willing to let her go to save Drusilla, about being able to trust Angel once she knows he has a soul).

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Buffy feels like she is responsible for taking care of everyone, like she was appointed the slayer and must give up her social life because of it — but she still tries extra hard to stay current on trends, to spend time at the mall, to try out for cheer-leading, and to put on a good front for her family and friends. She often complains about her duties cutting into her social life and tells Giles he ought to get out of the house more. She can put aside her personal feelings, hard as it is, to get the job done, such as when she must kill Angel to save the world. Buffy is a pragmatic decision maker, often grounded while still having a ton of energy. She has a super-ego 2 wing desire to protect and serve, which causes her to return time and again to help people. She can also be arrogant and self-important, but also desperate to be liked and not insult other people.