Functional Order: Fe-Ni-Se-Ti

Wigram has a pleasant and charming demeanor, easily able to win over land ladies and convince them to let him upstairs into private rooms. He knows how to flatter them, but also how to intimidate other people through emotional tactics. He seems to take pleasure in provoking Tom, in an attempt to see if he can manipulate him into revealing something about himself or the case at hand. He does seem to genuinely have sympathy at times, such as when his “stating for the record” of Claire’s clothes brings Hester to tears. But he recruited Claire to sleep her way around Bletchley Park, and act as his spy, “for England,” showing an instinctive awareness of her sexual appeal and a compulsion to convince her to go against her morals for a greater good. Wigram is not very good at considering his own motives, though he is quite clever in his detective work. When he demands the details of Tom’s affair with Claire from him, and listens to them all, Wigram concludes “not quite right.” He isn’t sure what Tom is keeping from him, but knows that isn’t the full story. He seems consistently ahead of Tom, and Tom even admits that Wigram reached a conclusion about Claire’s true purpose and the nature of her disappearance “ahead” of him. The plot eventually reveals that Wigram saw her intuitive potential and how it could fit into a larger picture, and recruited her to use her sexuality for his advantage. He’s also obsessed with her, because of how, if the truth came out, she could torpedo his career and ruin his reputation at the highest levels of intelligence. He’s humiliated that he “misjudged” her character so much. Wigram has a very set notions of what he wants, and doesn’t like Tom bumbling into the middle of them. He can be aggressive under pressure, at times… but also tends to lean back and let others do the dirty work for him.

Enneagram: 3w2 sp/so

Wigram appears to be protecting his reputation, and concerned with appearances. He’s skilled at adapting to his environment and turning on persuasive charm to appeal to people, but also has a businesslike demeanor that isn’t above emotional detachment. He seems torn between the desire to find Claire alive and to find her body, thereby ensuring no one will ever know the truth about him. He can be arrogant and superior, but also charming and soft-spoken.