Tom is a mathematician and behind the work of the Enigma machine at Bletchley Park, a systematic application of numbers and letters in complex coding that has helped the British and their Allies thus far decode secret German messages. He has a great desire to learn and understand everything, but also an almost callous detachment – when they need to let the Germans sink an Allied convoy full of soldiers to break back into the new Enigma code settings, thus turning the shape of the war back to their favor, he votes to let it happen, regardless of the cost of human life, for the greater good. He also has severe problems dealing with his own emotional state—his girlfriend breaking up with him causes him to have a nervous breakdown, and he compulsively pursues “what happened to her” out of a need to settle his mind about her and get why she broke up with him in the first place. He can be emotional under stress, reactive, and even immature about his love affair, unable to move past it or accept it. He spends the first half of the film in a compulsive Si-loop, where he’s stuck in the past, revisiting his love affair and the moments that led up to it, mulling them over obsessively in an attempt to suss out any detail he might have missed that can tell him what happened to Claire. It’s only with the unfolding mystery that he starts shifting back into Ne, and piecing things together about her disappearance, the real reason for it, her connection to a spy in Bletchley Park, the involvement of her superior, and the man’s own concerns about how Claire might damage his good name. He quickly and accurately figures things out as he goes, once he breaks out of his “nothing matters” depressive mood.

Enneagram: 5w4 sx/sp

Tom is a genius with very few social skills, a man who keeps mostly to himself, and is full of “secrets.” He only promises to tell them, if it will make Claire stay with him. He can be detached from reality, lost in his fantasies about them together, and insolent and uncaring toward his boss. He’s clearly a head type who trusts his own logic, but gets stuck trying to analyze and figure out what went wrong rather than being able to move past it. Though cautious, he also takes risks. He has a moody, petulant, and arrogant side that wallows seemingly endlessly in his lost love, and turns that into anger toward her unexplained disappearance.