Jadis became embroiled in a global political struggle with her own sister, over who was destined to rule Charn. She proved an effective tactician and utterly ruthless, decimating her world in the process, through the intentional use of a spell whose repercussions she was not fully aware of when she cast it. Jadis believes that humans and Narnians and all other creatures of the world are stupid and should be “ruled through force.” She fiercely attempts to subjugate all to her will, from using Uncle Andrew as her “slave” in London to trying to seize the rings from the children, so she might travel between worlds. Later on, she proves a skilled battle tactician against the Pevensie children in their war to defend Aslan’s kingdom and defeat her evil forces. She employs spy networks and turns many to her side, fools Edmund into doing her will, and ruthlessly “kills” her enemies by turning them into stone. She abolishes all laws in order to replace them with her own court and establishes a “secret police.” Jadis assumes that once dead, Aslan cannot stop her, since it’s a fact that most creatures do not return from the dead. A sociopath, she has no concern for anyone but herself and uses, manipulates, and hurts people to get her way, out of a firm belief that she SHOULD rule… everywhere. After eating the apple in the Garden, Jadis somehow knows that she has obtained for herself “eternal life.” She sees through Digory’s uncertainties and tries to convince him to take the apple to his mother, knowing it will thwart Aslan’s determination to keep her out of Narnia for centuries. She takes a similar tactic against Edmund much later, in how she quickly comes to understand his internal motivations, sees how to use them against him, and manipulates him into believing her story about wanting to make him a King of Narnia. Just him. Not his siblings. She preemptively does all she can to avoid the fulfillment of a prophecy that one day, the Sons of Adam and the Daughters of Eve would come to Narnia and dethrone her, including banishing humans out of the kingdom. Jadis is a quick-thinking woman, willing and able to seize whatever life affords her. Rather than surrender in a war against her sister, she spoke a Deplorable Word that turned all in their world to ash and dust, then cast a spell over herself to put her to sleep for centuries in the hope that someone would come along, ring the bell, and awaken her. Thrust into London, Jadis instantly throws herself in to the midst of its crushing whirl of humanity—insisting Uncle Andrew take her fine dining, then stealing a hansom cab and riding upon its roof down the street with policemen and gawkers in full pursuit. When it smashes into pieces after a spectacular crash, she leaps upon the horse and cuts it free of its bindings, intending to make her escape. She tries to strong-arm the children and steal their rings, flees into Narnia, and makes it as far as the land beyond its borders, where she climbs over a fence into a Garden and eats of the forbidden fruit.

Enneagram: 8w7 sx/sp

Jadis is a deeply unhealthy and sociopathic in that she thinks she has to dominate and control everyone and everything in her path. She is ruthless, power-seeking, callous and unkind, hedonistic in the pursuit of her own self-fulfillment. She is also aware of her own limitations, and flees Aslan on several occasions, until she can gain the upper hand (or so she thinks) over him at the Stone Table. She uses sheer brute force to get what she wants, mistreating Andrew and manhandling Polly and Diory. She physically assaults Letitia by throwing her across the room, assaulting policemen, and crashing a hansom cab. She has an insatiable desire to subjugate everyone she comes into contact with, repeatedly informing them of their inferiority and need to bend the knee to her authority.