Mirah has a strong attachment to her previous experiences, and her memories of her mother. She rekindles a passion for her Jewish faith only because she recalls her mother’s fondness for it, and desires to recreate those moments, despite her separation from her family. She only desires to find her “family,” since her father stole her away at a young age and forced her to sing on the stage. She seeks to be useful and earn her keep, not wanting to rely on the generosity of others. She has a beautiful voice “fit for fine drawing rooms,” and does what she can to rely on it, for an income. Mirah tends to live in the present and not think ill of most people, despite her own abusive past; she isn’t fully aware of it when men fall in love with her. Nor does she spend much time speculating on the future, though she admits to a slight apprehensiveness about whether her family will “want” her. She is warm, outreaching, generous, and sweet. Daniel finds her a modest and circumspect young woman, willing and eager to care for others. Mirah opens up rather easily and talks about her traumatic past, even though it pains her. She is quick to assure others that she will not live off their charity. Mirah puts others first in her thoughts, and spent years trying to please her father, but when he wanted her to marry a man she did not love (“he sold me”)… she ran away. Out of despair, she tried to drown herself, but finds a family in Daniel and his friends and a sense of purpose in being with them. She is thoughtful and careful in her conclusions.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Mirah has an unassuming and naïve presence, she prefers to think the best of people, and she does not want to inconvenience them in any way. She can be somewhat timid at first, but as time goes by, she becomes more confident in what she wants. She tried to please her father and keep him happy, but ran away from him and has avoided him ever since, out of a desire to avoid disharmony and find an inner sense of calm. She is somewhat non-judgmental, and withholds a lot of her stronger opinions out of a desire to please. She wants to be generous, humble, modest, virtuous, and kind.