Grandcourt is detached and analytical; he takes pleasure in answering questions with more questions, in inviting Gwendolen into conversation by probing her intellect, in obscure ways (“You don’t enjoy this sort of thing, do you?”). His methods are deliberate, and consistent in their logic, even though Lush cannot understand them, because they make no financial or objective sense to him (Lush is a TJ, whose focus is on cost-and-benefit). Grandcourt is forever analyzing everyone and everything, which makes him a frightening force among society, since he’s so unpredictable in what he’ll decide to do. Before the marriage, Grandcourt enjoys enticing Gwendolen into a sense of safety through presents, generous compliments, and flirtations – after, he mercilessly targets her emotions, taking pleasure in unsettling and frightening her into submission, in finding her weak spots and targeting them, for the pure joy of feeling her emotional distress (inferior Fe). He’s both a patient and impatient man, sometimes impulsive, but always highly observant, missing nothing in his environment, from people’s slight changes in expression to an opportunity to unsettle someone or insert himself into a conversation. Grandcourt is drawn to beautiful things, expensive living, and often uses quiet, deliberate force with his wife. It’s implied he exerts physical dominance over her, in their marital relationship. One encounter with Gwendolen, and he sees “the truth” of her nature – and knows what he intends to do about it. He sees that she thinks she can rule men, and decides to prove her wrong; he’s going to break her for the fun of it. Lush questions him about his future intentions – he dismisses Lush, and tells him, “I know what I’m going to do.” Why share his vision? He often intuitively reads what’s happening between the lines, which enables him to thwart Gwendolen and Daniel’s plans.

Enneagram: 8w9 sx/sp

Grandcourt decides from the first moment he meets Gwen that he really just wants to “break” and control her, so he sets up an elaborate game to dismantle her defenses and strip away her support system. And he does all of it with a sense of calm resolve and total detachment. She can never predict his mood or what he’s going to do, and that scares her – which is exactly what this unhealthy sexual subtype wants: to dominate her, to have all the power in the relationship, and to break her. His 9 wing gives him that air of calm detachment and does not like conflict, so he quickly heads it off at the pass through threats. He acts as if he doesn’t care just to unnerve the women in his life.