Functional Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

Juliet comes alive when among like-minded people; she is tired of her life and has become somewhat apathetic about her writing, until Dawsey writes her from Guernsey – and she senses that he’s someone who “understands” her even though they have not yet met. So she rushes there, to find a sense of like-minded people and soon makes friends with the literary society. She does not easily open up and talk about her feelings for others – she waits for Dawsey to make the first move (even though she expresses her yearning in her questions and her eyes), and she hesitates before breaking up with Mark, once she realizes he’s not going to make her happy. Her inferior Te can be driven to excel, collecting information, solving the mystery of what befell Elizabeth, and ultimately writing her book. She’s opportunistic and risk-taking; her editor tells her he has seen her “go after what she wants,” even when it was dangerous (snatching up her father’s paperweight before the floor collapsed) and so he has confidence she can tackle the difficulties of life. Juliet drops everything on her schedule to flee to Guernsey and live a different life; she abandons her London residence to move there, once she realizes a life of simplicity among like-minded souls is what her heart craves. She sometimes references deep personal meanings and symbolism (“Do you ever feel like you belong to someone you haven’t met yet?”) but largely does not put pieces together herself, and must rely on others to fill in the intuitive blanks for her (she doesn’t speculate on what befell Elizabeth, and rather naively assumes she’ll find her alive).

Enneagram: 3w2 sp/so

Juliet is wearing a persona – she chose to write with a different voice other than her own, and it’s only through her experiences with the literary society and in writing her own story that she finds herself and her true voice, and is able to recognize both what she wants and needs in life – which is Dawsey. Though she is hard-working and ambitious, she feels somewhat guilty in showing off her wealth – not wanting to admit how much money she has earned, to flash around her enormous engagement ring on the island among people who have little, or to live in an enormous flat all alone. She spends some of the movie in 9 disintegration – avoiding the unpleasant truths she does not want to face (such as her doubts about marrying Mark) by running away from the problem, and distracting herself with the local mysteries. Her 2 wing makes her eager to help the society in whatever way she can, and hopeful to find a lasting love. Her self-pres is why she doesn’t want to show off – she just is able to work hard.