Igor is detached and analytical. He learns as much as he can about science and being a doctor, and then innovates above and beyond his knowledge. Victor trusts him to improve on his experiments, to problem solve, and to make things “work” whenever he runs into a dead end. Igor is so logical that he doesn’t even hold the circus freaks’ meanness against them, since it distracts him from his work. He’s so excited about Victor’s project that he puts aside moral quandaries to help him finish it. He uses a pocket watch and pressure (thinking outside the box) to save Lorelai’s life. His first reaction to Victor’s animal is to have a moral objection to it – to see it objectively as a perversion of nature. He is swayed by Lorelai’s emotional opinions and arguments. He has a kind nature is even tempered. Igor seems to care about others’ feelings, and has surprising insights into Victor’s motives in triumphing over death (Ne/Fe). He really doesn’t have a strong sense of personal identity, so he doesn’t mind becoming “Igor” instead of “No Name” (no Fi), but he has strong moral opinions on murder, and what is right and wrong. He is a talented natural doctor, who manages to save a woman’s life and help her because he’s willing to take a risk and perform a risky procedure to correct her dislocated arm. When Victor shows him the eyes he has removed and hooked up, rather than being completely in awe, Igor points out that he has “made a mess” of the nerves, which means they do not work in tandem or focus on the same thing at once. Victor, seeing his proficiency for detailed hands-on work, instantly turns over any structuring that belongs to the Creature’s anatomy over to him to fix, since he has no time, nor patience, nor skill for it. Igor has a stronger sense of immediate danger than he does, and demands they catch and possibly kill their “created monkey” before he hurts someone, going out of his way to capture and subdue it.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Igor is in constant danger of giving himself up to another’s agenda; his girlfriend must remind him repeatedly that he has to forge his own life and identity, that he is not beholden to Victor, and does not need to repay his kindness with servitude, but Igor continues to return to his side, to take on his projects as his own, and to work for him and toward their “Creature” without hesitation. He was lost in apathy and resignation when Victor found him in the circus, believing that nothing about his life would ever change, and seeing no way to escape his abusive circumstances. He is gentle, kind-hearted, and sweet, but also somewhat naïve, idealistic, and too trusting of Victor. He forgives him most of his transgressions and does not even mind his rudeness, choosing to see the best in him instead of to criticize. But Igor also has strong opinions about what is right and wrong, and although he stands by his friend in the end, he often acts on these beliefs.