Functional Order: Ni-Te-Fi-Se

Victor has an uncanny ability to read people. Moments upon meeting “Igor,” he sees his greater potential and how he fits into Victor’s plan for the future. He sees that his spinal condition and hunchback is reversible, and that Lorelai will distract him from their greater plan. His idea about creating life from nothing is detached from reality, somewhat idealistic, grotesque in its implications, but something he sees as capable of “forever transforming the future – imagine, the murdered person testifying at the person who killed him’s trial!” Victor’s tunnel vision in keeping the future desired outcome fixed in his mind means he cannot always see the present. He goes to a gentlemen’s club, where he becomes… reckless, drunk, belligerent, and loud. His rescue of Igor from the circus places him in physical danger, but also demands him to pay attention to his environment and improvise on it (using mirrors to disguise his reflection, setting the wagon train on fire, etc). His lack of attention to physical attractiveness is shown in his “creature,” which is hideous, built of different body parts. When Lorealai falls from the high wire, Victor says she’s done for, because he needs equipment to fix her, and it’s not on hand – a problem he cannot “think” his way around – he is shocked and delighted at Igor’s ability to improvise in the moment, and uses him to work all the kinks out of his machine and inventions. Victor has a straightforward communicative style, and tends to base his thinking in objectivity, when it comes to innovation and invention. He sees useful, practical uses for his discoveries, and how they might shape civilization. He isn’t tuned into other people, which means he catches “Igor” by surprise by tackling him with the intention of fixing his spine. His bedside manner leaves much to be desired (well, you don’t need one, dealing with corpses, right?). But Victor is incredibly passionate about his beliefs, he forms a strong attachment to Igor, whom he considers an intellectual equal, and he’s willing to kill his creation to ensure Igor’s survival. Victor is reluctant to talk about his feelings, or the motives behind his inventions, until he is comfortable with Igor.

Enneagram:  5w4 sp/sx

Victor is a socially awkward man who has spent his entire life obsessing over and focusing on his “one crazy idea,” which most men would call insane: the idea of bringing life from death, of constructing a living being out of dead body parts. 5s often have unnatural and fantastical notions they devote their lives to, and this is his. He struggles to relate to people, to have much connection to his emotional center, and can come across as brutal as a result – treating Igor rudely, dismissively, and even callously (even when he’s trying to help, by attacking him and draining the spinal sack that has made him “a hunchback,” then throwing him into a metal corset designed to support his weak spinal frame). He has no interest in physical connections and even urges Igor to abandon his infatuation for the girl he loves, because it’s irrelevant to their project and she is a “doubter” of what they are trying to do. He can also be arrogant, elitist, condescending, and withdrawn, disinterested in the common man and desirous of creating something above it, of his very own. He even has contempt toward those of faith, seeing them as beneath him in their ‘arcane’ views.