Ben has a strong desire to provide a rational explanation for everything, whether he believes corrosive pipes are making a child show psychopathic tendencies, or if he breaks open a wall to expose a trick of the light on a “paranormal investigators” TV show. He broke away from his family’s Muslim beliefs because they were irrational to him, and he has no problem asserting himself as an atheist. He is the one the team turns to, if they need something fixed or hacked. Ben finds an evil programmer by reverse-engineering a pair of goggles and linking them to a computer, leading this person to continue playing a scary game in the guise of a child avatar, so his hacker friend can triangulate his position and find him. He is highly aware of his environment and always interacting with it; Ben notices small things like holes where a camera could project an image into a hallway, he notices corroded pipes in the bathroom, he is always running around investigating the physical environment for people and insisting it provides the answers to their supernatural problems. Where Kristen relies on psychology, he relies on proven environmental factors. Ben believes in his conclusions until he proves them wrong (or he makes his case and solves the mystery), but he doesn’t spend much time on speculation, choosing to investigate first and switch tactics if necessary later. He is opportunistic and based in the moment, inclined to sleep with a girl who offers even if he has his doubts about her sanity levels. He has low Fe in the sense that he doesn’t really care what people think of his views, but he doesn’t want to offend them unnecessarily. And yet, when his girlfriend says she has a ghost twin attached to her, Ben expresses his extreme doubts and wonders aloud to his friend if he should get involved with “a crazy person.”

Enneagram: 6w5 so/sp

Ben is also a skeptic who questions everything and thinks it can be solved through proven logic, who can be somewhat quarrelsome and contrarian around other people. He doubts any conclusion that doesn’t seem rational and sets out to prove it wrong. But when it comes right down to it, Ben is a people-person. He runs to his friends’ houses whenever they need him for any reason. He is distrustful of strangers, and suspects most of them are lying or deceived. Ben is proactive in helping keep Kristen and her family safe when asked. He assumes the “child” in the virtual reality game is “a pedophile with a voice modifier.” He stops making out with a girl long enough to go in the bathroom and call a friend for advice, since he doesn’t know what to do (should he stay, or should he leave, since he thinks she’s delusional?). He can be somewhat self-reliant, abrasive, and blunt, inclined to keep his home life a secret and not easily open up to other people.