David is excellent at getting people to open up and confide in him, and trust him, because of his warm and outgoing nature. He seems to care about everyone, shows a willingness to listen to them, and also sees his team as a group for whom he is responsible. When the Vatican separates them to ask intrusive questions, David becomes offended on their behalf and insists they be treated as equals and questioned as a group. He often consults with them and asks their opinion on things. He’s aware of how things come across to others, and tries to regulate that, and when a woman kidnaps and tortures a man in her basement, David attempts to peace make, to get her to give the man a chance to explain his war crimes, and to convince her not to do this bad thing, by appealing to her emotional nature. Though curious about people, David also does not do much deep analyzing for himself… he leaves that to his teammates and trusts their expertise above his own. He is trying to reconcile information in the outer world about mental health issues with his inner perceptions and beliefs, which are wrapped up in the theologies of the Catholic Church. Unlike other wannabe priests, David often moves against the rules of the establishment—he will try unorthodox methods, trust Kristen’s conclusions, and is on a quest for “the truth” even if it disproves what he wants to believe (in angelic intervention). David shows some strong intuitive insights at times, telling Kristen that Leland (whom he believes is a demon) is going to “test” her (which he does). He puts symbols on a map together without a huge amount of information and concludes that it’s a map of the demonic hierarchy of the world. David is firm in his belief that the three stars represented in a painting are “good,” and not “bad” symbols. He uses psychology to appeal to people. David also shows tert-Se issues: he admits that in his youth, he could never stick to things very long, but left behind a string of broken relationships due to his inability to commit. He does not face down temptation well, since he succumbs to his old lifestyle and uses magic mushroom tea to hallucinate visions of God, heaven, and divine forces. He also falls into sexual temptation and sin while training to become a priest, showing a tendency to live in the moment and covet immersive experiences.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

David is a mild-mannered, patient, and accommodating man, who never judges anyone for their beliefs, who has no trouble working with agnostics or atheists despite his own strong faith, and who is prone to taking on the attitudes of those around him. Though talented in helping people work together, and seeing their greater potential, he also falls prey to temptation when others lead him into it. He forsakes his vows of chastity as a priest-in-training when an old girlfriend seduces him. He finds it hard to say no to a hallucinogenic tea that helps him see visions of heaven, hell, and God. Out of a desire for redemption and to be good, he is trying to work hard to curb these impulses, and feels a great deal of shame about his failures. David can be fearful and reactive under too much stress, showing paranoia about Leland, but not doing much about it.