Functional Order: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

Kristen is an expert at psychology, who has gathered a monumental amount of experience in the field and technical knowledge. She can rattle off a diagnosis based on the symptoms someone is showing within a few minutes. She is also skeptical of the unknown and will not easily change her mind; she can be stubborn and sure of herself, in her analysis. As she becomes more immersed in David’s world, which contains things she cannot always explain logically, she becomes more open to the possibility of sinister forces around her, but still prefers what is concrete, true, and proven. She prefers to tackle things through logic and experiments; when she has doubts about a woman being demon possessed, she dumps out the priest’s holy water and fills it from the tap to find out if the woman is having a psychological reaction based on what she “expects” the holy water to do. She prefers medical and scientific diagnosis to anything spiritual or supernatural, unlike David. She forcefully argues at times that they should put the woman in a hospital, not assume she is demon possessed. Given something she cannot explain logically, Kristen struggles to know how to accept it. She can be blunt, refuse to work with others, and a stickler for saying what she thinks, whether or not it contradicts others in court. Kristen is highly principled, but can also be demanding – she insists her mother cease dating someone she does not like, and gives her an ultimatum – him or the kids. She cuts the man on the throat and forces him out of her house, then lies to her family about his need to go to the hospital. Though she suspects a family has killed their own son, because he was a psychopath and tried to kill his baby sister, she says nothing to the police. Under stress, she becomes more reactive, impulsive, and inclined to act in ways that might threaten her practice, all in a desire to keep her family safe.

Enneagram: cp6w5 so/sp

Kristen insists on handling all things through logic, but isn’t afraid to bend the rules to protect her family – she can become aggressive in doing so, challenging Leland, finding a way to take control over the demon “George” in her nightmares (by lucid dreaming), refusing to let her kids play a “spooky” reality game, and changing all the locks on the house to protect them from a serial killer and a psychopath. Although she puts on a brave front, a lot of the time she’s nervous about the risk involved, fearful of her conclusions in court being overturned, and skeptical of believing things without any proof. She has a warm, playful nature, a good sense of humor, and extensive book knowledge, but her 5 wing means she withdraws a lot to think, does not fully engage all the time with others, and relies on herself to do things, more than she calls on David (which might be useful, whenever she’s dealing with something supernatural). She just cannot believe anything “irrational.”